KM+ Advanced Automatic Transmission FIX-IT. Solve cold start problem

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Product Overview


 KM+ Advanced Automatic Transmission FIX-IT        



Product Description

KM+ Advanced Automated Transmission FIX-IT is formulated using KM+ Advanced Nano Technology.


A car shows sign of transmission problem when transmission is grinding, or jumping during acceleration as the car shifts gears. When the hydraulic valve seals in automatic transmission are hardened, your car's automatic tansmission will experience difficulties in engaging forward or reverse gear while the engine is cold.


KM+ Advanced Automatic Transmission FIX-IT is the solution to solve the problems. KM+ Advanced Automatic Transmission FIX-IT rejuvenates hardened valve seals and seals in the transmission. Once rejuvenated, the seals function like new valve, becoming flexible once again. Your car will experience smooth acceleration and smooth in switching gear. Your car will no longer have cold-start transmission non-engaging issue. KM+ Advanced Automatic Transmission FIX-IT is compatible with all grades of transmission fluid.


KM+ Advanced Automatic Transmission FIX-IT also flushes and cleans carbon deposit in your car's transmission system.




  • Fix transmission

  • Solve cold start problem

  • Flush transmission

  • Stop leak






Add one bottle of KM+ Advanced Automatic Transmission FIX-IT into automatic gearbox before changing ATF. 

It will take about 4 - 48 hours to repair the valves seals. 

Once the gearbox problem is resolved, replace the ATF to new ATF within 1 week.

This is sufficient to treat 4 - 6 liters of Transmission Fluid.



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