Бетаин безводный Глицин бетаин 98% бетаин hcl капсулы кормовой класса

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Product Description

Betaine anhydrous glycin betain 98% betaine hcl stomach acid capsules feed grade

Betaine hcl is a high-effect donor of methyl. It can replace the function of providing methyl of methionine and choline. During animal metabody, it can provide living methyl, and guaranteed to take part in the every kind of biochemical reaction, in order to make sure narmal mixture and me-taboly of nucleic acid and protein.

1. It can improve the immune functions and prevent the fatty liver, accelerate the fat metaboly.
2. Through reducing the enzyme energy which is made by venter fat or subcutaneous fat, it will improve the rate of muscle
3. It can adjust the cell osmotic pressure, reduce the stress response, and maintain the animals’ natural growth. It also can
prevent hyperkalemia that is affected by diarrhea, maintain the nutrition ingestion function, and reduce happening of a
4. It can stimulate animals’ scent and taste, it’s a good phagostimulant for marine lives. It can improve the ingestion quantity and reduce bait coefficient; promote the effect of growth and protecting water quality. Betaine has the special smell; it can strengthen other maino caids reaction.

Appearance and character: white crystal, acidity, poor deliqueszcence, dissolvable in water, neutral.

Usage: 1.The betaine hcl addition is 1-2kg per1 ton animal feed.
2. betaine hcl could instand of 20%-30% methionine quatity in animal feed (0.7kg betaine hcl ≈ 1kg methionine).

Package: 25kg/bag. Paper bag compounded with film and lining.

Valid time: 24 months.

Storage: put in cool, dry place, and seal up preserving.


Analytic method
Betaine hydrochloride
Loss on drying
Residue on ignition
Heavy metals (as pd) Lead %
Arsenic %

Packing & Delivery

Betaine anhydrous glycin betain 98% betaine hcl stomach acid capsules feed grade

Packing: 25kg/bag. Paper bag compounded with film and lining.

Company Profile

Established in 2009, Cangzhou Huayou Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in animal feed and additives. Our main products are choline chloride, betaine hcl, yeast powder, allicin powder and oil, etc. We also have good sources of other animal feed and feed additives, like L-Lysine,fish meal, corn gluten meal and so on. To enlarge the requirements, we supply metal element additives, silver kettles etc. As one of the leading manufacturer and supplier, we have already established a solid and reliable relationship with our clients. Our products have been exported to USA, EU, Middle East, Latin America, South Africa, Australia and other neighboring countries. We have won the trust from many customers.

★ Business philosophy: the pursuit of perfection, there is no best, only better Service.
★ Tenet:credit first, service first, harmonious coexistence and common development and achieve win-win situation.



1. Why choose us?
We have been in animal feed additives industry since 2009, approved ISO 9001:2008 certificate. With professional knowledge and experience for exportation.

The credit ensure covered by Alibaba Trade Assurance.

Quick response, any online message and inquiry will be responsed within 12 hours.

2. Registration support and documentary support
Professional docs can be available for registration and clearance.

3. Can you supply free samples?

Yes, we can provide free sample about 500 g, and the freight cost will be paid by your part.

4. Do you support OEM?

Yes, we support OEM for customers, and supply technology support and development.

5. How is the after sale service?
We have professional after sale stuff to solve your problem like usage and dosage, storage etc.

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