Wellue Fd510 Карманный перезаряжаемый монитор Walmart фетальный допплер

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Product Overview


Wellue Fd510 Pocket Rechargeable Monitor Walmart Fetal Doppler Machine

Product Description

Care for New Life
Have concerns about your unborn babies?
Viatom FD-510 Fetal Doppler can help expectant parents allay fears during the exciting pregnancy.
Detects and records the fetal heart rate (FHR), displays in digit/waveform via device and APP.
Viatom FD-510 fetal heart monitor (FHM) is always there dedicating to care about the wellness of you and your little ones.

"Dub-Dub" Inside Your Womb

Intelligent noise reduction technology dramatically minimizes the interference thus delivers high-quality fetal heartbeat sounds.

With the extra-large probe faceplate, Viatom FD-510 receives clear fetus signals with high sensitivity. It is easier to determine the FHR examing position.

Listen to the lovely beats in your belly!

Hear Your Baby Before You Meet

Viatom FD-510 Fetal Doppler knows you're on an exciting and challenging journey.
It's our mission to help you enjoy a hassle-free pregnancy.

Viatom FD-510 Fetal Doppler is high performance fetal heart rate detector which satisfies the requirement of hospital,clinic,community and home FHR examination.

Viatom FD-510 Fetal Doppler consists of ultrasonic signal emitter and receiver, computer process unit, LCD display, speaker, keystroke and power supply.

Track the Rhythm of Heart

Viatom FD-510 Fetal Doppler is more than a fetal Doppler.
When you are expecting a baby, the mobile APP records every priceless milestone from the 12th week till the due date.
All the historical data including baby’s heartbeat rate, heartbeat sounds, baby kicks, and even your notes, are stored for
continually pregnancy track.

Professional Data Recording

Fetal heart rate and heartbeat waveform are displayed in device and fetal Doppler APP.
Manually record the baby kicks on the dashboard and write down your notes.
Android / iOS APP: ViHealth

Historical Trend Tracking

The fetal heartbeat rate of your baby can change in different pregnancy stages.
For your early monitoring and health care, Viatom FD-510 Fetal Doppler provides continuous tracking data.

Review and Share the Joy of Life
Listen to the history recordings at your fingertips.

Share what happened in your baby’s little nest with families and friends.

Technical Specifications

1 Product Name: Fetal Doppler
Model: FD-510G
3 Standard:IEC60601-1:2012, IEC 60601-1 2:2014, IEC60601-1-11:2015,IEC61266:1994,NEMA UD 2-2004 IEC 60601-2-37:2015
4 Classification
4.1.Anti-electroshock type: internal power supply equipment
4.2. Anti-electroshock Degree: Type BF equipment
4.3.Liquid Proof Degree: IP22, common instrument, waterproof
4.4.Degree of safety in Presence of Flammable Gases:
Flammable gases
4.5.Working System: Continuous running equipment
4.6.EMC: Group I Class B
5 Physical Characteristic
 1.Size: 135mm ×95mm ×35 mm
 2.Weight: approximately 500g (including battery)
6 Environment
6.1. Work environment : Temperature: 5℃~40℃
Humidity: 25-80%     
Atmospheric Pressure:70~106KPa
6.2.Transport and Storage: Temperature: -25℃~70℃
Humidity: ≤93%
Atmospheric Pressure:50~106KPa
7 Display 39.6mm×31.68mm LCD

8 Recommend Battery 2 pieces of 1.5V alkaline battery
9 Performance parameter
9.1 Working frequency of ultrasonic Working frequency of ultrasonic is 3.0MHz, ±10%nominal standard
9.2 Integrated sensitive 200mm distance
from probe,integrated sensitive≥90db
9.3 Display range:50-230bpm(±2bpm)
10 Recommended Coupling Medium
10.1. Stimulation to Skin: No
10.2. Total Germ Quantity: <1000units/g
10.3. Dung Escherichia Coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Staphylococcus
Aureus: No
10.4. Acoustic Velocity: 1520-1620m/s
10.5. Acoustic Impedance: 1.5-1.7x106Pa.s/m
10.6. Acoustic Attenuation:
10.7. Viscosity: >15Pa.S
10.8. PH Value: 5.5-8
11 Material Group: I
12 Pollution Degree: II
13 Operating Altitude: <2000m
14 Acoustic output parameters Working frequency 3.0MHz (1)p-42.0KPa (2)Iob:9.09mW/cm2 (3)Ispta:43.82mW/cm2

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