Kapkur Профессиональный Видоискатель камеры VD-11X микро режиссерская HD видоискатель сцены telescopie дизайн с ультратонкой оправой 37 мм Стандартный резьбой под фильтр

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Kapkur Professional Camera Viewfinder VD-11X Micro Director's HD Viewfinder Scene Telescopie Design with 37mm Standard Filter Thread



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1.Multi-coated optical elements, 11X magnification, high definition and durable.

2.Telescopic design, the view finder can be pulled out for different uses.

3.Eyecup has a lock ring, you can click it to stop for aspect ratio ring.

4.Suitable for most film and TV formats, all standard aspect ratios including 16:9.

5.37mm standard filter thread, allows for the addition of a 37mm wide angle converter.


1.Materials: Aluminum + Multi-coated Optical Glass

2.Color: Black

3.Formats: 1"(S16), 2/3", 1/2" & 1/3" TV; Anamorphic, 35 & S16 Film

4.Aspect ratios: 4:3 / 1.33 (TV, ~ Academy 35mm & ~ 16mm film), 1.66 (Super 16), 16:9 / 1.78 (HD), 1.85 (Widescreen 35), 2.2 (65mm film), 2.4

(Anamorphic), 2.55 (Dinemascope)

5.Rear Eyepiece: Telescopie Design

6.Filter Thread: 37mm

7.Length: Approx. 2.56"/65mm 

8.Diameter: Approx. 1.62"/ 42mm

9.Weight: Approx. 119g

Package Includes:

1 x VD-11X Director's Viewfinder 1 x Eye Cap  1 x Neck Strap 1 x Pouch 1 x Glasses cloth



49mm Diameter large size 11X Micro Director's Viewfinder, 11x Zoom




Film Director's Optical Viewfinder for Filmmaking

Digital Single Lens Reflex DSLR Camera Optical Viewfinder

Kapkur Viewfinder for Canon EOS DSLR Camera 


With the convergence of DSLR filmmaking, there are many essential tools that are needed to get the correct form factor for video. When shooting video on a DSLR camera, you must use the LCD screen and you must use manual focus. The combination of a very small screen, manual focus, and razor thin shallow depth-of-field makes it very challenging to focus. When shooting in both outdoor and indoor settings, the sunlight and glares make it nearly impossible to see the LCD screen. Lastly, holding the camera out in front of you so that you can focus on the screen makes the camera unstable and shaky. With any camera, you want to bring it close to the body for stability.


The first essential item to help with these challenges is a DSLR Optical Viewfinder.


In photography, a viewfinder is what the photographer looks through to compose, and in many cases to focus, the picture. Most viewfinders are separate, and suffer parallax, while the more complex single-lens reflex camera lets the viewfinder use the main optical system 


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