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 Hydrophilic Amino Silicone Oil HT3071E

Brief information 

It is a new generation of hydrophilic silicone softener modified by polyether and amino.  It maked the fabric soft, smooth hand feeling,and excellent hydrophilic, antistatic , antifouling properties, which can improve the fabric wear performance. Especially suitable for soft finishing of pure polyester, cotton underwear, towel and wool blended fabrics.


Main composition   

Hydrophilic silicone softener modified by polyether and amino


General properties

--Appearance:        Light yellow transparent or slightly turbid viscous

--pH:               6-8

--Solubility:         easily soluble in water

--Active ingredients:  100%

--Ionicity:           nonionic

--Stability:          stable to general hard water, weak acid.


Properties and fields of application

--Easily soluble in water and stable. No demulsification and oil slick, especially suitable for continuous Padding process.

--It makes the fabric soft, smooth and full feel, and negligible influence on shades,can be used for light-colored fabric.

--Excellent hydrophilicity, hygroscopicity and breathability, make the fabric comfortable, loose and quick-drying.

--It has certain antistatic properties, and has the advantages of anti-fouling, easy washing and anti-staining. It can be used as a moisture wicking finishing agent in combination with our polyester multi-functional finishing agent.

--This product is self-emulsifying type. Since no emulsifier is needed, there is no peeling phenomenon, and the hydrophilic effect after baking is not obvious.

--Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable non-dangerous goods, free of formaldehyde, phosphorus and other compounds.It is an environmental protection product.



It is suitable for post-treatment of various natural fiber fabrics, rayon, polyester/cotton fabrics, chemical fiber wool fabrics and blended wool fabrics. It is especially suitable for hydrophilic soft finishing of cotton and polyester cotton, polyester wool and other wool fabric post-treatment.


Use a reaction kettle or a stirrer, add water slowly, stir well, and generally dilute to 15-30%. The process is performed by padding or dipping.


Packing and storage  

-- Packing:      50 or 125kg / polyethylene drum

-- Storage:      6 month in cool and dry place.


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