waterproof outdoor bullet security camera ip 1080p hd cctv camera wifi wireless cloud storage

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WIFI cctv camera
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WIFI cctv camera

WIFI cctv cameraWIFI cctv cameraWIFI cctv cameraWIFI cctv cameraWIFI cctv cameraWIFI cctv cameraWIFI cctv camera

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WIFI cctv camera
WIFI cctv camera
WIFI cctv camera
WIFI cctv camera
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WIFI cctv camera

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WIFI cctv camera


1.Can the camera work without subscribing to Cloud Storage or installing micro SD card?

Yes, you can use the camera directly, just connect the camera to 2.4Ghz WiFi, and then can view camera with AJCloud App anywhere and anytime.

4.Does this camera work with 5G. I am having issues connecting the camera?

Sorry. This camera doesn't support 5G Wi-Fi. It supports 2.4G Wi-Fi only. If your router is 5G, normally it will support both 5G and 2.4G. You could access to your router setting to enable the 2.4G WIFI then connect the camera.

7. what phones does the camera work with?

Our camera works with Android phone and iPhone. 

2.Does this camera alert your phone when there is motion detected?

Yes, when an alarm is detected, the camera will send notification to your phone immediately, tap the notification you can check the alarm video.

5.Can the app be used on two devices at the same time? Like my iPhone and my hubby's iPhone?

Yes, but you have to share the camera by tapping setting icon---Invite family member, then your husband has to sign up another account and click the link you send to log in directly.

8.Can I leave the camera on and go to work and be able to see whats going on when i check my phone?

Sure, as long as the camera has been connected the wifi, you can check the camera from anywhere and anytime on your phone.

3.How many users can view this camera at the same time?

Four users can view this camera at same time. The first account to add the camera is primary account, use this account to share the camera to your family or friend. Be noted, only the primary account can control the camera, other 3 users only can check the living stream.

6.Is this camera protected from hackers? What is being done to prevent a hacking situation from happening?

To protect customers' privacy, we require that every user needs to sign up an account on the app firstly. Only users know the account email and password. On the app, users can also add a 2-step verification of their account, like the gesture login or Apple Touch ID, which can protect the account from hackers as well. Surely, if you want to improve the security level, you can access the router setting and turn on Firewall.

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