Kaili RTS Dropshipping 100 pcs Disposable Ultra thin nursing breast pads for nursing mom in stock

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Dropshipping Product
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Only 0.15cm thick
Only to provide a comfortable and relaxing breastfeeding experience
Five-layer absorptive core body
①soft non-woven fabrics ②Absorbent paper ③SAP macromolecule ④Native fluff pulp ⑤breathable PE film
Breathable PE film
The new series of breathable PE film can effectively keep the breasts dry and not sultry.And can also effectively prevent breast milk leakage
All day usage
Use it horizontally during the day To prevent milk from leaking downwards Use it vertically at night To prevent milk from overflowing from both sides
Increase breast pad area
130 * 130mm super large area, larger absorption area. Better wrap breast effect.
Double U-design
Double U design can better stabilize breast pads, and can further prevent breast milk overflow
V-shaped design
The V-shaped folding design can better fit the breast and maintain the stability of the breast pad. At the same time can reduce the storage space occupation, more convenient.
Portable individual packing
The independent packaging can ensure the cleanliness of the breast pad, and it is not easy to be contaminated by dust. Avoid secondary pollution.
No additives
The product passed the third-party inspection. Does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and fluorescent agents. Protects the breast health of mothers

Water absorption test
1.Pour 120ml liquid 2.The liquid is absorbed quickly without overflowing 3. Use tissue to press the surface of the breast pad 4. It can be seen that the tissue is dry 5. Cut it off, we can find all macromolecule inside there.
1.Take out a single breast pad and open the package.
2.Unfold the breast pad.
3.Tear out the sticker on the back.
4.Adjust its position and paste on the lining of the bra.

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