Традиционный китайский костюм ханьфу, костюм старинного тв-сериала, художественная фотография, сценическое шоу, сказочная одежда

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Chinese traditional costume hanfu Costume of ancient TV series Art photography Stage show Fairy clothing


This is a Chinese suit that can be customized, Please note your height, weight, bust and waist when placing an order. 



What is Han clothing?


This is a kind of traditional Chinese clothing, but now it has a wide range. Its style is very many, because its clothing is beautiful, the size is also suitable for different types of girls, so it is loved by female friends at home and abroad.





Which occasions are suitable for wearing Hanfu?


In China, at the beginning, people would wear Hanfu on some special occasions, such as Hanfu Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and so on. Later, people began to wear Hanfu on the streets, work, the Chinese people more and more inseparable from hanfu. In foreign countries, some friends like to take photos in Hanfu,take part in stage performances and so on.




Is It suitable for people abroad to wear Hanfu?


Yes, I think It's very suitable for foreign girls to wear Hanfu. Most of the hanfu are wide, while most of the foreign girls are plump. They have a good figure, and they will look more beautiful in Hanfu. Just as Chinese people like to wear foreign wedding dresses to get married, foreign girls like to wear Chinese Hanfu, this is not a conflict.



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