Dwarf Axe from the Warhammer Universe a souvenir

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Dwarf Axe from the Warhammer Universe
* Head – 65G steel, complete heat treatment cycle with zone toughness quenching of the blade.
* Total axe weight - 7700 grams.
* Total length - 670 mm.
* Blade length - about 200 mm.
* Support - oak, brass with ornament etching and patinating, steel.
* Height of support - 640 mm.
* Base of support - 340 by 310 mm.

Description and features:
This axe can compete with the unique "Storm" electric axe.
1. The history of Warhammer games began back in 1983. Games Workshop released a board game named Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
2. In 1987, a sci-fi version of this universe was embodied in a wargame with new miniatures of Warhammer 40,000 setting.
3. The first game was released in 1992 and was named Spase Crusade.

By the end of 2021, the number of games in the Warhammer universe will reach 29! And this is not a limit.
Gamers all around the world love Warhammer due to its extraordinary features. Everyone can find a race to their taste, be it
vampires, elves, people, orcs, dwarves, ogres, or chaosites.
As you could have guessed, our blacksmiths have a special weakness for dwarves. Dwarves in the Warhammer world are known as unmatched craftsmen, engineers and artisans.
The fruit of this weakness is an incredible axe with profiles of dwarves. Our choice of this aspect was intentional: faces in
profile often decorate coins, coats of arms, etc.
Dwarves in the Warhammer universe live in the World Edge Mountains - a cruel and harsh place where landslides and icy winds that seem capable of skinning a bear are not the chief threat. In this rocky kingdom, beasts hunt among the peaks, and passes are the main pathways for invading armies.
Waves of orcs and goblins overwhelm the land, while armies of ogres march from the east, eager to taste the flesh of the weak, and barbarian tribes of people praying to the Dark Gods for supernatural forces inhabit the north. Stubborn vigilance and hard axework of the dwarves are just enough to survive.
The race of dwarves is persistence in the flesh. Dwarves grow lower than people. They have broad shoulders and a long beard. The most typical feature of dwarves is their rude and stubborn nature. Their inherent intransigence is legendary: countless stories describe the great victories and not less great tragedies caused by this heroic determination.
Dwarves are steadfast in the face of any danger and do not admit defeat.
They are also as good as their word: they fulfil an oath notwithstanding incredible dangers or passage of centuries.
This energetic determination drives dwarf craftsmen to summits of engineering and architecture that they reach through sweat and pure perseverance.
We tried to render an expression of stubbornness and determination to the dwarf's steel face. His gaze is filled with rage, the lower part of the axe blade depicts his beard. The beard is braided. The appearance of our dwarf instils serenity and confidence.
The heavy-weight project was performed on the basis of the original three-dimensional models of 2016.
Chopping wood with this axe would be impossible. It is designed for mere beauty.

Company Profile

Our company concept is unique.

We analyze the market of wrought axes and knife makers in Russia, select the best forges, check product quality and cooperate only with the industry favorites.

We think big.

We are oriented to the foreign market, among our customers there are residents of Europe, USA, Middle East, China, Japan, South Korea. Our blacksmiths hammer items from high-quality steel, complying with state and international standards. During their work they utilize modern equipment to process knifes and axes, permitting to give them excellent performance characteristics. Except that all items have attractive appearance.

Nearly nothing is impossible for us.

The singularity of our products is that you, our customers, can think item design yourself. Human fantasy has no limits. Our blacksmiths can implement nearly all your ideas and dreams. Among our projects there is even a battery axe with integrated transistor-based Tesla transformer. We do not fear complexities and are glad to any your proposals.
Please send us your sketches, pictures, simply describe what you dream of, and we shall produce and delivery it.


Title goes here.
We think we are very lucky as our customers never claim against quality of our items. There are no claims on the appearance also, as we confirm every detail of your future purchase.
All questions we receive are about long production period and high price.

Why an axe is made for so long?

We have a counter question: but how long you agree to wait to your dream come true?

Yes, regretfully, period of producing our item is longer than tailoring a suit to your measure. Longer than cooking a holiday
cake. But our items are not a suit and not a holiday food. Our products are made from top to bottom by hands of caring and professional guys. Hammering metal is incredibly labor-consuming process, taking a lot of time. This is because of the process complexity. Free hammering metals – one of few traditional production processes which still surpasses modern metal working methods. Neither application of modern steels, nor precise and high-performance technologies do not permit for now to create axes surpassing in their quality an axe forged by a good master. Advantage of free hammering is that it does not only permit to duly form the metal, but changes metal quality and structure. During free hammering the metal is strengthened, large crystals dispersed, the structure attains fibrous character, and the main thing, so-called discontinuities and cracks are welded, and other flaws of metal are eliminated.

Thanks to this wrought hand-made axes and knifes possess such advantages as

* Quality of wrought items. Let us repeat, they are much superior in quality than stamped and cast items, which is determined by
multiple metal hammering and hardening technology.
* A shaft always corresponds to the purpose of an axe and often is made to individual measure.

* Except that, to make a handle only quality wood is used, eliminating its splitting under big loads.

* Also, many professionals note excellent axe hanging to shaft, which permits not to worry that it may fly from the shaft during

* One more substantial advantage of wrought items their longevity is concerned. Such tool may serve some decades and often comes
«by succession» from grandfather to grandson.
In any case the final result will fully cover your needs whatever they are. Obtaining working knife or axe; unique present for
partner or friend; laconic decoration to your office.

Please understand you shall always find with us what you are looking for. Do you know why?
Because you already approach us with your idea, your dream. It already exists, but only in your imagination. We just put it into
life. And this needs a bit more time you are used to.
Why are axes and knifes so costly?
It depends upon which axes and knifes. We have models worked collectively, by several masters at a time. Material for such axes is
a more expensive steel, they may be decorated with semiprecious stones and metal etching. We have an electric axe even, and it
could not cost less than declared.

But we also have budget variants of axes and knifes. Democratic cost does not mean they are inferior to expensive models in
quality. Not at all. People working all items are all the same. They have professional skills, work for up to 15 years in metal
forging. They just do not indulge themselves to offer low quality to a customer. That is against their honor, dignity and business

All you need is to find an item which you like and which you can afford. As not everybody needs heavy Damascus poleaxe. Maybe you
want a fist hatchet for monthly forest trips. We have good for everyone. If you haven’t yet found yours, it means you just did not
see through all categories. At your disposal are over 100 goods of varied purpose and application, from different pricing

If you experience selection difficulties, please leave a request, and our manager will surely write you back to clarify all the
issues. We are here to make your purchase of the necessary item comfortable and easy.

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