Dietary supplement diabetics and gains health claim for skin care products

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[SSI Liquamen Plus N]
The main component of this product is Liqamen. It is a supplement consisting of two types of capsules,
a fish gelatin capsule containing DHA/EPA and vitamin E, and a soft capsule containing coenzyme Q10, α-lipoic acid, pycnogenol, astaxanthin, and glycodine.

[How we are different]

* Liquamen received studies in French national research institutes,universities, hospitals.(ANVAR, CNERNA, INRA)

* Liquamen, is admitted as Dietary supplement for complex metabolism abnormality for diabetics and gains health claim in France.

* There are more than 10 years of human clinical data for the prevention of circulatory diseases.

* Its safety is reliable. The result is also authoritative.

* Extensive research reports and evidence.
There are various report and evidence such as carotid artery, change of blood lipid, improvement of blood flow, improve brain function, enhance athletic ability, etc.

* In addition to Liquamen, various antioxidant components have been added. As a result, in addition to the metabolic syndrome, it also a comprehensive aging care supplement that includes skin care, internal organs care, etc.

* Sales record of over 10 years in Japan as a popular metabolic (super antioxidant) product.

[What is Liquamen]
It is a natural fermentation ingredient from deep sea ling fish’s head and internal organ.
Liquamen is a natural complex ingredient, contains peptide, EPA,DHA, amino acid, mineral which is suitable for metabolic syndrome measures. The protein is decomposed into peptides with a molecular weight of 1800 or less by self-fermentation.
is admitted as Dietary supplement for complex metabolism abnormality for diabetics and gains health claim in France.

[Recommended for people as below]
・Those who want to take effective measures against lifestyle-related diseases
・People who want to diet beautifully not only by losing weight but by improving their constitution
・Those who want to improve their concentration
・Those who are studying for the examination

【how to drink】
Take 1 bag daily with water or warm water.

Product Size
W*D*H: 155mm*80mm*60mm
Product Weight
600mg×2 fish gelatin Capsules+ 420mg×1
30 bags/box;

2 cartons

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Company Profile

We, S.S.I Co., Ltd,are a leading health food manufacturer and distributor in Japan. The company is founded in 1980 dealing with health food range from immune care to joint , intestinal , metabolic and eye care, with our brand [Sen-Sei-Ro] and [SSI].
twenty Five years ago, sensitively catching the health-oriented market demand, we developed Agaricus Mushroom under own brand name “Sen-Sei-Ro”. By collaboration with pharmacutical firm,our agaricus mushroom was the first in the world to succeed in stable cultivation. Moreover,,under our own technology, Low molecular ingredient ABMK22 (active immue ingredient), is successfully extracted and added in sen-sei-ro products.
Choiced by more than 9 million people in Japan, ”Sen-Sei-Ro” has become a pioneer product leading the health foods market in Japan, enjoying high reputation from our customers.
Also as the chairman company of the Agaricus Blazei Council, the only Agaricus industry group in Japan, we are always leading the industry.

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