Aquarium Ceramic Biochemical Ball Water Filter Media Nitrifying Bacteria House

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Feature: 1. we have different size for ceramic rings 15mm 2. Works with all filters. Canister, hang-on filter, wet/dry, pond filters, DIY filters 3. Quartz Ceramic Rings filter media,which uses natural mineral and quartz powder as its materials,is produced through high-temperature calcination.With the wide specific surface,high porosity,strong pollution cleaning ablitity,super unique micro-pores and natural mineral elements,Glass Ceramic Ring provides a favorable environment for beneficial bacteria-aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria,which are the two main necessary bacteria for the water purification of aquaculture.All these contribute to water PH improvement,oxygen content stabilization and successfully restore the water to its original crystal clear state. 2. Quartz Ceramic Filter media, works as a 'cleaner' in the water ecosystem. It can improve the water quality efficiently and has outstanding characteristics in relation to water flow, water PH improvement, oxygen content stabilization etc. All these can successfully restore the water to its original crystal clear state. 3. Quartz Ceramic Filter media, is mainly used in biological filtration system. They have the characteristics of wide specific surface, high porosity, strong pollution cleaning ability. They provide a favorable source for beneficial bacteria and for the reproductive growth of the aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria which are the two main necessary bacteria for the water quality purification of aquaculture.

Filter medium consisting of porous ceramic pipes suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. *Double features filter medium, can be used as a mechanical prefilter medium for coarse particles or as a biological filter medium. As prefilter medium, protects the biological filter material from rapid silting. *The hollow structure provides ideal conditions for beneficial bacteria, whilst at the same time allowing excellent rates of water-turnover. *Highly efficient surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize.
Ceramic ring/aquarium filter
1.Used in rearing pond as a filter
2.provided with high filter character
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Bacteria House
Aquarium Water Filtration
Cleaning of fish tank bacteria
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