NdFeB High Strength Magnet Rectangular Rare Earth Magnet Block Large Magnetic

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NdFeB High Strength Magnet Rectangular Rare Earth Magnet Block Large Magnetic

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Description: Ndfeb Magnet
Product Name:NdFeB Magnets,Sintered Rare Earth Magnets,Neodymium-Iron-Boron Magnets,Permanent Magnets
Working Temperature:GradeTemperature
Magnet Shape: Disc,Cylinder,Block,Ring,Countersunk,Segment,Trapezoid and Irregular shapes and more.Customized shapes are available
Magnet Coating:Ni,Zn,Au,Ag,Epoxy,Passivated,etc
Features:The most powerful permanent magnet, offers a great return for cost & performance, have the highest field/surface strength(Br), high coercivity(Hc), can be easily formed into various shapes and sizes. Be reactive with moisture and oxygen,usualy supplied by plating (Nickel, Zinc, Passivatation, Epoxy coating, etc.).
Applications:Sensors,motors,filter automobiles,magnetics holders,loudspeakers,wind generators, medical equipments, etc.

                                       Product Advantages                                          



Use high-quality rare earth materials, do not use waste, recycled material 


In strict accordance with the process and quality control


pay attention to product detail


Factory direct sales, direct profit to customers





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n35/n38/n40/n42/n45/n48/n50/n52 magnet

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n35/n38/n40/n42/n45/n48/n50/n52 magnet

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         Founded in 2009,Dongguan HJ magneticCO.,Ltd specializes in NdFeB strong magnets.

With the principle of "Quality First" and "Customer First",our company has been developing

steadily with our own brand so far.Our company has a integrated equipments for producting

and processing the NdFeB magnets,with can highly meet thecustomers requirements for

different processing crafts.


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n35/n38/n40/n42/n45/n48/n50/n52 magnet 

n35/n38/n40/n42/n45/n48/n50/n52 magnet

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n35/n38/n40/n42/n45/n48/n50/n52 magnet


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n35/n38/n40/n42/n45/n48/n50/n52 magnet


n35/n38/n40/n42/n45/n48/n50/n52 magnet


  n35/n38/n40/n42/n45/n48/n50/n52 magnet


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