Factory alkaline ORP ball magnesium beads for drinking water treatment

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factory alkaline ORP ball magnesium beads for drinking water treatment
Magnesium + H2O will produce the bubble that is hydrogen to making the negative potential alkaline water. At same time, themagnesium has the reaction with water and produce the Mg (OH)2.
The reaction formula is Mg+H2O= Hydrogen+Mg(OH)2. The Mg(OH)2 will continue react with water and produce the Magnesium Ion that is the major element for human body.
PH value of 7.5 to 9.5 ORP value is - 500 mv

Cairui magnesium water beads factory water metal treatment powder carbonatedrous for furnace alumiunium price magnesium pure water ball beads

1.The PH value of Negative potential water is alkaline, It is easy to balance the lactic acid because of body tired
2.The contents of calcium and magnesium ions of Negative potential water is higher, this is the health element for body.
3.Due to the solubility of negative potential water is very high,osmotic is very strong, it has the emulsifying capacity to body grease. So it is good for relief sympton of high-cholesterol , hyperlipidemia and high blood viscosity which from high protein high calorie diet.
4.The negative potential water (ORP 0~ -400 mv) let your cells have the dynamic and keep health. Can help body to clear the chromate, nitrite, heavy metal and inert metal which are very harmful to the body.
5.Negative potential water can control the reproduction of microorganisms including control the reproduction of germ and algae. It can used in farm, oceanarium and swimming pool etc.

magnesium for furnace magnesium carbonatedrous beads ball beads
alumiunium magnesium

It has strong chemical activity and high affinity with oxygen. It is commonly used as a reducing agent to replace metals such as
titanium, zirconium, uranium and thorium. Powdery or thin strips of magnesium, which are easily burnt in the air and emit glare white light when burned. Metal magnesium is non-magnetic and has good heat dissipation. Magnesium is an important alloying element
because of its low density, high specific
strength, and high strength alloys with metals such as aluminum, copper, and zinc.


Item Name
magnesium pellet magnesium prill beads
granules Cylindrical, According to your request
Available size
regular size:6*6mm/3*3mm Customization is available
ISO9001:2008, SGS, The third test report
Patented thermo-mechanical process
Widely used in coating processing industries
A: Solar Photovoltaic Application.
B: Electronic and Semiconductor Application.
C: Decoration and Coating Application. etc.

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factory alkaline ORP ball magnesium beads for drinking water treatment
For various types of water purifier, drinking water dispenser and water supply system and equipments, agriculture and industry,etc.

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25kg/bag or as your request
within 10-15days after receiving the prepayment

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Shijiazhuang Cairui Building Materials Co., LTD. Is located in Lingshou County, Shijiazhuang city, where the transportation is very convenient, and rich in mineral resources.Our factory makes full use of the local geographical advantages and resource advantages, is a collection of mining, production, processing and sales in one of the large mineral enterprises.

Main production and processing: tourmaline powder, volcanic rock, vermiculite, mica, kaolin powder, diatomite powder, zeolite, vermiculite, pumice, colored sand, center ring, magnesium ball, perlite, talc powder, iron oxide can be customized according to the requirements of various specifications.

After-sales service: Our company has introduced modern and advanced production technology, hired experts from chemical and mineral processing industry to carry out scientific management, established a high-level multi-layer management system, strictly checked the product quality, and ensured the delivery date and related services.

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