Top quality Liquor 45% Alcohol Contents - full-bodied and intense Gin

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Production process

The production of Gin Tabar completely takes place in the plant of Finale Emilia, in traditional pot stills.

The mixture of juniper and other herbs is macerated in alcohol, heated to 60 ° and left to settle for 3 days.

"To distillate" literally means "to separate drop by drop". The distillation is made at low temperatures, in order to obtain the 'drop by drop' separation.

For the final aromatic refinement, Tabar has to rest for at least for 3 months in Steel Tanks.

Afterwards the compound is brought to 45 % Alc / Vol with pure demineralized water and it rests for another 30 days before being filtered.

After many strict controls, Tabar is finally ready to be bottled in all its uniqueness.

Why Tabar

The Tabarro is the typical circular in shape man clock worn by citizen of our rural areas.
Usually made from heavy cloth it is worn with one side thrown over the opposite shoulder to wrap it closed around the body. Tabarro is the Symbol of a Land shrouded in thick fog, which suddenly fades away.

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Tabar is a premium Italian Gin designed and distilled by Casoni, an historical Italian producer since 1814. The technique used for the distillation of gin Tabar dates back since the Company foundation. The unique juniper aroma perfectly blends with bitterness and sweetness of two types of Orange and with the spicy flavour of Angelica and Coriander.
The smell of Cardamom and Rosemary is also strongly perceived in addition to the smoothness of Chamomile and freshness of Anise.
Tabar is the result of the perfect balance between the Botanicals and the intensive research of raw materials that come together with the typicality of our foggy land.

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