Full Automatic Wafer Laser Dicing Machine Laser Scribing Machine

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Product Overview


Full Automatic Wafer Laser Dicing Machine Laser Scribing Machine


(Fiber laser scribing machine   Model: PE-20W/PE-50W)


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Product Description


Fiber Laser solar cell laser scribing machine is mainly used on Solar photovoltaic industry, monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar battery (cell) and silicon (wafer) of scribing processing (cutting section).

For Fiber Laser solar cell laser scribing machine, Adopting fiber laser source as work light source, The two-dimensional work table is controlled by computer,and could do kinds of movement according to what graphics be input in. High output power, high precision scribing, fast speed and could cut curve and straight line graph.


Product Parameters:

Model specificationPE-20W/PE-50W laser scribing machine
Laser wavelength1064nm
Laser power20W/50W
Scribing line width50um
Scribing speed240mm/s
Scribing precision±10um
Workbench wide200×200mm

Temperature control 


Working power supply220V/50Hhz/1.5KVA
WorkbenchCell automatic adsorption, dust removal
Cooling wayAir cooling

Detailed Images

fiber laser scriber_01.jpgfiber laser scriber_02.jpgfiber laser scriber_03.jpgfiber laser scriber_04.jpgfiber laser scriber_05.jpgfiber laser scriber_06.jpgfiber laser scriber_07.jpgfiber laser scriber_08.jpgfiber laser scriber_09.jpgfiber laser scriber_10.jpgfiber laser scriber_11.jpgfiber laser scriber_12.jpg

Company Profile

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Our Services

After-sales Services
1. 2 year guarantee for main machine (People damaged are charged).
2. Full technical support\\ by e-mail, call and video
3. Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.
4. Free design of fixtures as customers required.
5. Free training installation and operation for the staffs.

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