EDM Consumables Water- Soluble DIC-206 Concentrate Operating Fluids for Wire Cutting Machine

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Product Overview



JR-3B Super Concentrated Ointment for CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine  

Product Description


Dic-206 is a mixture of water soluble substances ,after diluting with water, it becomes the working fluid of reciprocating WEDM,which is an environment-friendly wire cutting fluid .

The component  does not contain nitrite and  iminobisetnanol. The conclusion of Acute Oral Toxicity Test is " belongs to the actual non-toxic grade "  .

It suitables for wire cutting of various conductive materials , such as die steel, high-carbon steel, carbide alloy, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, copper, aluminum, magnesium and its alloy, magnet steel, crystal, semiconductor material, etc..The effect is particularly prominent  when it is used for  cutting tungsten, molybdenum and other special materials.



Characteristic :


*  Environmental protection ;Cut surface is beautiful ;Cut thick ;The efficiency is high .


*  It has the advantages of long service life,  if you regular maintenance and continuous use for a long time, do not change of liquid,it can save change liquid and working hours, and eliminate environmental pollution caused by changing liquid .


*  There is no black sticky attachment on the cutting surface and do not need  solvent oil to clean . It is easy to blank .


*  It has good rust protection  properties for black and non-ferrous material .


 The process is stable and suitable for cutting various materials.



Products are involved in:

1. W/EDM spare parts: wire guide/diamond guide, water nozzle, power feed contact, isolator plate, rollers, belt, cable wire, guide base.
2. Replacement parts for EDM drill machines: pipe guide, ceramic guide,drill chuck, rubber seal, pipe 

guide,collect, high press pump, rotational head, motor.
3. EDM tools and related: stainless holder, stainless vise, stainless bridge, super magnet, magnetic 

chuck, stainless cap screw.
4. EDM consumables: EDM brass wire, EDM brass tube, EDM copper tube, EDM ion exchange resin, 

EDM moly wire/Molybdenum wire, EDM rust remover,EDM filter.

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Packaging & Shipping



Delivery wayTNT, EMS, UPS, FED, DHL, Air transport, Sea Transport are available.We will choose the fastest, cheapest and safest shipment way for your 0.18mm edm wire cutting machine.


Advantages & Disadvantages:

• Express delivery: 4-6days, wide coverage area (volume & weight restricted)

• Sea transport: cheap, volume unlimited (long sailing time, influenced by climate)

• Air transport: 4-6days, simple packing (expensive, volume restricted)




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  We are manufacturer with 16 years' experience, supplying all kinds of wire cutting materials to different customers. And we also want to offer you what you need, so please let me have the opportunity if you need the moly wire, pulley, carbide, water panel, pipe guide, resin, tubes and motors. 





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