Industrial Centrifugal Spray Dryer For Urea-Formaldehyde Resin/Formaldehyde Resin/Polythene/Poly-chloroprene

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Product Overview


Centrifuge spray dryer is a kind of continuous atmospheric dryer.Use pneumatic or electric atomization device to make liquid high-speed centrifugal spray as fog droplet, make these fog droplet contact with the hot air in the drying chamber and instantaneous drying.
Product Paramenters
Inlet air temperature control
30℃~ 300℃
30℃~ 300℃
30℃~ 300℃
Outlet temperature control
30℃~ 140℃
30℃~ 140℃
30℃~ 140℃
Centrifugal nozzle
2000-40000 rev / min (adjustable)

Evaporation water volume
Large feed amount
5000ml/h (adjustable)
10000ml/h (adjustable)
15000ml/h (adjustable)
Feeding mode
Peristaltic pump adjustment, using touch screen to adjust speed
Small feed amount
Temperature control accuracy
Average drying time
2.2KW Air volume 315m3/min
Positive pressure: 40 (kpa)

Negative pressure: -32 (kpa)

Speed: 2800 (r/min)
Speed: 40000 (r/min)
Speed: 40000 (r/min)
Machine power
9KW / 380V
22kw/ 380V
22kw/ 380V
Double mirror stainless steel drying tower diameter
Inner diameter 1000mm outer diameter 1100mm height 2000mm

1. High efficient jet imported.
2. LCD touch screen displays temperature, airflow, air pressure, pump speed and jet cleaner frequency.
3. Auto controlling: one touch on/off, once processing parameters are set, peristaltic pump will be auto started; screen displays animation of the whole process of experiment.
4. Manual controlling is available, be able to adjust technical parameters during the process of experiment
5. With jet cleaner (stylet), its frequency can be automatically adjusted.
6. Power off thermal-protection, push off button and the equipment will stop at once, except draught fan, make sure equipment won't be burned out by incorrect operation (Forcibly shut fan).
7. Spray chamber, cyclone separator, and receiving tank are all made of transparent heat-resistant high-borosilicate glass; it creates a no-pollution environment for the drying process. All the spare parts are easy to install and wash.
8. Build in oil-free air compressor. The sound is low than 60db, and following the GMP standards.
9. Two-flow spray atomizing structure, whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, compact design no accessory equipment is needed.
10. Use PID controller, the accuracy of heating temperature is around±1°C.
11. A filter has been equipped to the inlet unit to prevent the sample from contamination.
12. The self-priming peristaltic pump delivers the sample liquid from a container through a small diameter jet into the main chamber to avoid secondary pollution. To make sure the process conducted steady and smoothly.
13. Narrow size distribution, more than 95% of the dry powders are in the same range of particles.
14. Automatic jet cleaner (stylet) prevents the jet from becoming blocked and variably controlled.
15. Innovative tower wall purging device, improves the material recycling rate.
Operation Steps
Product Details
Spray Dryer
Control System
Filter Sponge
Collection Bottle
Beverages, Flavours and Colouring, Milk and Egg Products, Plant and Vegetable Extracts, Pharmaceuticals, Heat sensitive Materials,Plastics, Polymers and Resins, Perfumes, Ceramics and Advanced Materials, Soaps and Detergents, Blood, dyestuffs, Food Stuffs,Adhesives, Oxides, Textiles, Bones, Teeth and Tooth Amalgan and many others.
Company Profile
Xiamen CRTOP Machine Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company specializing in R&D, production, sales, teaching and chemical and biological pharmaceutical equipment. The main products are spray dryers, freeze dryers, rotary evaporators, jacketed glass reactors, single-layer glass reactors, tablet presses, circulating water vacuum pumps, cryogenic reaction tanks (tanks), cryogenic cooling liquid circulating pumps (chillers) , vacuum drying box, blast drying box, water/oil bath, granulator, magnetic heating stirrer, overhead stirrer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, lifting platform, etc. Our products are sold to the United States, Australia, Asia, Brazil, Egypt and other countries, and our customers have been fully affirmed.
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