Anesthesia Video Laryngoscope stainless reusable blade

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Product Overview



1.1 Application Range
General anesthesia / Difficult Airway / Emergency Ventilation / Suffocation / ICU
and so on.
1.2 Technical Specification
Power: Internal battery
. Type: BF type device, , continuous working
Device application: Reusable laryngoscope blade
The display screen is not waterproof.
KC is Portable / Affordable / Durable Video Laryngoscope.



2.2 Use Instruction
Press down the display screen to connect handle blade as below picture, press the
power button to working
. Remove the display screen and handle blade after
shutdown, and put on
Starting up: Long press the power button for 1
3 seconds to starting up or shutdown.
Freeze: Press the power button to freeze the photo, and press again return to work.
Take photos and Video recording:
Press the camera button to take photo and save automatically; Long press the camera button to
start recording, and press again to stop recording
Normal working: The indicator is green color. Display the normal video.
Charging: Please use the charger provided by the original manufacturer. The blue light
indicates is charging, the green light indicates is full charge. The blue light flashes in working that
the device is power shortage and needs to charging
Battery maintenance: Please use the charger provided by the original manufacturer. The
charging time should not exceed 6 hours. If no use device for a long time, it should be charging at
least every 2
3 months.
Blades specification
KC Video Laryngoscope has 5 pieces reusable metal handle blade with different size
for different people
s oral structure, The user should choose suitable blade size for patients.
Please keep a proper distance when use the device with other electronic products at the same
time for avoid sensitive electromagnetic interference.
2.3 Operating instruction
1. Connect the video laryngoscope according to the assembly instructions, and apply proper
medical lubricant in the front
end of tracheal tube before use. Turn on the device, the green
indicator light is on, the camera light source is on, and the display screen show the high
2. Put the stylet insert the tracheal tube at a proper position, and apply proper medical lubricant in
the cuff.
3. The patient in the supine position, the operator stands on the front of patient
s head and open
the mouth of patient, slowly put the blade into the mouth along the middle of tongue appropriate
position as you see oral structure in video.
4. When you saw the epiglottis, place the front
end of blade under the epiglottis, gently lift
epiglottis until show the glottis clearly
5. Slowly put the tracheal tube into the patient
s mouth along the right side of laryngoscope blade,
and check the video in the meantime, when the video show the front
end of tracheal tube, put the
end of the tracheal tube insert the glottis at an appropriate depth.
6. Keep the position of the laryngoscope blade and endotracheal tube, and pull out the stylet
gently, and fix the endotracheal tube with the right hand, take out the laryngoscope blade from the
mouth of patient gently
7. Inflate the pilot balloon of tracheal tube, and then the intubation is completed.
8. Turn off the device after finished use the video laryngoscope, clean and disinfect the device and
put them into protective cover and the packing box.
Part 3
3.1 Influence Factors in use
1. no careful read the manual instruction in details or lack of intubation operation experience.
2. The laryngoscope blade is not enough lubrication.
3.The insertion position or depth are not appropriate or exact.
3.2 Cautions in clinical
1. Operators should read the instructions carefully before use, and need the intubation
experience, or contact the manufacturer about the training and guidance.
2. Use the medical lubricant need proper quantity for avoid too little to achieve the effect , and too
much medical lubricant will be result in the position of blade will difficult to fix in the oral.3. If the camera lens is unclear in case of the massive oral hemorrhage / dirt in the oral cavity /
excessive oral secretions and other factors, please take out the laryngoscope blade and use the
soft gauze to rub the lens gently, and clear the patient
s oral cavity before use again.
4. The laryngoscope blade can
t insert too deep for avoid lift full larynx and the esophagus or hurt
the larynx of patient. It should find the glottis exactly for intubation.
5. If the intubation is difficult in cause of the chest or neck diseases, please put backward patient
head or use other methods, but if the patient is fracture of cervical vertebrae, the use of video
laryngoscope blade is limited, please use with caution.
6. If it is difficult to push the endotracheal tube downward, please adjust the position of the
s head and the laryngoscope blade for easier intubation, such as reduce the upward force
of the blade for make the head back to proper position, and then continuous to push the
endotracheal tube.
7. Apply the proper stylet for ensure the intubation successfully
8. If there is strong light make the screen reflective, please adjust the viewing Angle and position.
3.3 Maintenance and Disinfection
1. The display of video laryngoscope:
(1) The display of video laryngoscope can use the medical alcohol to rub gently
. Please put into
the packing box for avoid unhoped damage in nonuse .
(2) The video laryngoscope can use within two months in full charge, it needs to charging every
3 months for long time no use.
2. Cleaning and disinfection for the laryngoscope blade:
The handle and blade is integrated about the HYHJ
KC Video Laryngoscope, it need pull
out the display screen from handle blade for cleaning and disinfection, and firmly install
the waterproof plug on the top of handle interface as below picture.
1. Please clean blood or mucus on the handle blade with running water and rub it to dry with
sterile gauze thoroughly
2. Put the handle blade din in the 2% alkaline glutaraldehyde at least 20 minutes for disinfection,
soak for 10 hours can be sterilization( Protect the interface and camera); or use low
plasma disinfection with temperature 10
60in 75 minutes; or use ethylene oxide to sterilization:
the temperature need 55, humidity is 60%±20%, gas concentration 600mg±30mg/L, disinfection
time 120 minutes, ventilation time 12h/50.
3. After finished disinfection or sterilization, please clean it with sterile water and dry with sterile
gaze, and store in a sterile bag
4. Please cleaning and disinfection before use in the first time.
Part 4
EMC information
1. The user needs use the video laryngoscope under the specified electromagnetic environment
in table 201, 202, 204 and 206, if not that the video laryngoscope maybe no working
2. Portable and mobile RF communication equipment may affect the video laryngoscope working,
Please use the video laryngoscope in the recommended electromagnetic environment.
1. Please use the accessories and cables from original manufacturer, otherwise it may be result in
increased emission or reduced disturbance immunity of the video laryngoscope.
2. The video laryngoscope should not stack with other devices or too close, if necessary that
please check the video laryngoscope working status.
3. The video laryngoscope can not directly connect the AC power in use, it should use only after

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