VCI, protect the metal surface from rusting, long term, sealed antirust oil

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Product Overview


VCI-505 Sealed Antirust Oil

  • Product description

This product is a red brown transparent oil liquid, composed of a variety of special anti rust agent, mineral oily agent, additives etc. It complies with the Japanese standard JISK2246-80-NP3 and the American Standard MIL-C16173D-1968-3. At the same time, we added the VCI vapor phase inhibitor. When VCI molecules evaporate into a confined space, will form a protective barrier on the surface of the metal, to protect the metal get better.

  • Product features

1. Mainly used in black long-term storage or ocean transportation.

2. Because of the antirust agent volatility,it form a waxy oil film on the metal surface while using. Have a very good anti rust effect.

3. It has very good water displacement and demulsibility.

4. Indoor anti rust period about 12-24 months.

5. It is easy to be cleaned. It will form a layer of transparent oily film on the metal surface, it is very easy to use petroleum solvent or kerosene wash it off.

6. Easy to operate, spray, coating, brush, dip, etc. can be.

  • Physical Properties

Oil class



Red brown transparent liquid



Oil film thickness 


Tive densities(15/4℃) 


Flash point(℃)


Pour point(℃)

  • Packaging storage

200L a barrel, sealed in a cool, dry, clean, ventilated warehouse at room temperature.

  • Application guidelines

1. Mainly used for stamping parts, cutting parts, mechanical parts, such as long-term storage of rust.

2. Metal surface with water residual recommended to use the soaking method.

3. Pay attention to proper labor protection while using.




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