Large mobile agriculture farming rotary organic fertilizer screen machine making machine plant

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Product Overview


Large mobile agriculture farming rotary organic fertilizer screen machine making machine plant

Product Information:

1. The rotary screening machine is a new type of self-cleaning screen special equipment after the electric vibrating screener and the ordinary network type roller screen produced by the domestic companies.

2. It is widely applicable to sieving of various solid materials with particle size less than 300mm.

3. It has many characteristics such as high screening efficiency, low noise, small amount of dust, long service life, less maintenance, and its screening capacity is 1 t/h-20 t/h.

Product Display:


Performance Characteristics:

1. High screening efficiency. Because the equipment has a plate cleaning mechanism, it can never block the screen, thus improving the screening efficiency of the equipment.

2. Good working environment. The entire screening mechanism is designed in the sealed dust cover, completely eliminating the dust flying phenomenon in the screening and improving the working environment.

3. Low noise of the equipment. During operation, the noise generated by the material and the rotating screen is completely isolated by the sealed dust cover, which reduces equipment noise.

4. Convenient maintenance. The equipment seals the equipment observation window on both sides of the dust cover, and the staff can observe the operation of the equipment at any time during work.

5. Long service life. The equipment screen is composed of several annular flat steels, and its cross-sectional area is much larger than the screen cross-sectional area of other separation equipment screens.

Working Principle:
1. The self-clearing cage drum screening machine performs reasonable rotation of the equipment center separation cylinder through the gearbox type deceleration system.

2. The center separation cylinder is a screen composed of several annular flat steel rings. The center separation cylinder is installed with the ground plane.

3. In the inclined state, the material enters the cylinder net from the upper end of the central separation cylinder during the working process.

4. During the rotation of the separation cylinder, the fine material is separated from the top to the bottom through the screen interval composed of the annular flat steel, and the coarse material is separated from the lower end of the separation cylinder. Drain into the pulverizer.

5. The device is provided with a plate type automatic cleaning mechanism. During the separation process, the screen body is continuously "combed" by the cleaning mechanism through the relative movement of the cleaning mechanism and the sieve body, so that the sieve body is always cleaned throughout the working process. It will not affect the screening efficiency due to the clogging of the screen.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model  Power(kw) Reducer Drum Speed(r/min) Screening Capacity(t/h)
TDGS-1020 3 ZQ250 21 1-2
TDGS-1030 3 ZQ250 21 2-3
TDGS-1240 4 ZQ250 18 3-5
TDGS-1540 5.5 ZQ350 16 5-8
TDGS-1560 5.5 ZQ350 16 6-10
TDGS-2080 11 ZQ350 12 10-20

Company Profile:



1. Our company was established in 1983 and it is the leader of fertilizer equipment industry in China. We are an environment-friendly high-tech enterprise which specializes in the manufacture of organic manure and compound fertilizer equipment.

2. The company covers an area of more than 100,000m² of industrial plant. We have international advanced large and medium-sized professional processing equipment including 10 processing centers, 3 laser cutting machines, and more than 100 units of all kinds of equipment.

3. Our company has passed the ISO9001-2015 quality system certification, standardized good behavior enterprise AAAA certification, environmental management system certification, CE certification and more than 50 product patent certificates.

4. The main products are: organic fertilizer production line, NPK fertilizer production line, BB fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer compost machine, organic fertilizer granulating machine, bacteria/water-soluble fertilizer fermentation equipment, granulation water-soluble fertilizer drum & high tower production line, etc.

5. Our products are widely used in the fertilizer processing industry, and provide one-stop service for design, manufacture, installation, debugging and technical training.

6. Our products have exported to United States, Middle East, South Africa, Australia, Germany and so on.



Quality Inspection:


Customer Visiting:


Customer Site:


Transport Packaging:


Our service:

1. Our company's products are strict in accordance with national standards, contracts and technical specifications to choose the best solutions. We also do comprehensive tracking and monitor the quality of the process and testing to ensure product quality.

2. We will offer you the professional program, the technology process and the design according to customer's request and the conditions of the case site.

3. We will provide customers with related technical information.

4. Overseas service provided.



1. Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

We are a manufacturer with a history over 30 years and have realized one-stop service for design, manufacture, installation, debugging and technical training.


2. How long is the delivery time?

For standard machines or Components, it would be 5-10 days; For non-standard machines and customized machines according to clients specific requirements, it would be appointment time.


3. Do you arrange shipment for the machines?

Yes, we will do that. For FOB or CIF price, we will arrange shipment for you. For EXW price, we will assist you in arranging shipment.


4. How about your product after-sales service?

Normally we provide video and written technical support. If necessary, our engineers can also provide on-site service. Our product accessories can be selected according to the actual needs of the customer to choose the most appropriate way to deliver.


5. What kinds of certificate you have?

ISO 9001: 2015 SGS, CE certificate and we can make other certificates according to customers' detailed requirements.


6. How to guarantee the quality and operation before loading?

We have our own quality control department and have advance quality control stystem while from raw materials to finished products. All the machines and production lines shall be 100% checked and tested before delivery.

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