Cold Pressed Best Edible Vegetable Linseed Oil

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Cold pressing

In the process of oil production by cold pressing the raw materials - oilseeds, do not heat up, but fall into the oil press, at their own temperature of 10-20 ℃. Passing through a slightly revolving oil press, the raw material is pressed into the grain chambers, the volume of which gradually decreases, which creates more compression and pressure, and increases the temperature of the raw material, but not very much, since the rotation of the oil press is very small, only twelve rotations per minute, respectively, and the temperature extruded oil increases, but does not exceed 50 ℃.

Freshly squeezed oil immediately passes the first filtration, in order to separate from the oil small particles of oilcake that were squeezed out with oil through the grain plates. After the first filtration, the oil turns yellow, without impurities and then goes to the second "cold" filtration. After the second filtration, the oil becomes clear, amber-yellow. At this stage of filtration, wax and wax-like substances are removed from it by lowering the temperature of the oil. In the process of the first and second filtration, we use a special filter cloth - 100% cotton and nothing more. Filtered oil is poured into consumer containers and then packaged in cardboard boxes.

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Carton box sizes
Volume of the bottle
0,25 l
0,5 l
Size of the boxes
Volume of the box
0,009 m3
0,016 m3
Gross mass
7,4 kg
13,2 kg
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PET bottles

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