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 Fluorite is a common mineral in nature, it can co-exist with many other minerals. It is produced in many places in the world. There are 5 effective variants. Equiaxed crystal system, the main component is calcium fluoride( CaF2). Crystals are octahedrons and cubes. The crystal is glassy, bright and changeable, brittle, with a Mohs hardness of 4 and a melting point of 1360oC. It has the property of complete cleavage. Some samples can emit light when exposed to friction, heating, ultraviolet light, etc.  


In industry, fluorite is the main source of fluorine, which can extract and prepare fluorine and its various compounds. 


Fluorite is the only mineral that can extract a large amount of fluorine. At the same time it is also used in steel making green cubic octanhedral fluorite single crystal green cubic octahedral fluorite single crystal co-solvent to remove impurities. The mineral is also used in the production of glass and enamel. 


Product Properties:


Melting Point1402oC
Boiling Point 2500oC
Refractive Index1.434
CAS No.7789-75-5



Applications: Chemical Industry, Metallurgy, Glass, Enamel, Concrete, etc. 






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