low pricer linear bearing LM50UU professional manufacturer linear slide bearing 3D printer

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low pricer linear bearing LM35UU professional manufacturer linear slide bearing 3D printer


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Linear bearing is a low-cost production of linear motion system for unlimited travel with the

cylinder axis. Since the ball bearing point contact with the shaft, so use the load is small.

Minimal friction ball rotation, thereby to obtain smooth movement precision. Plastic linear

bearings are self-lubricating properties of a linear motion system, the biggest difference

is that the metal in the metal linear bearings linear bearings are rolling friction, is the point

contact between the bearing and the cylinder axis, so this suited for low load speed movement;

while plastic linear bearings are sliding friction is between the bearing surface contact with

the cylinder axis, so this low-speed movement for high loads.


Linear bearings are used in conjunction with hardened linear drive shaft. For infinite linear

motion systems. Load the ball and quenching transmission shaft because it is the point contact,

allowing the load is small, but linear motion, friction smallest, high precision, fast movement.



1: barreled package+outer carton+pallets

2:single box+outer carton+pallets 
3: tube package+middle



1. I couldn’t find a design to fit my application in your catalog.

Can you help me design a bearing?

Yes, technical expertise is available to assist you with engineering design

for custom products. Available options include, but are not limited to,

custom rings, retainers, balls, shields, lubricants, and packaging.

We look forward to working with you to satisfy your rotary motion


2. What causes bearing noise?

Bearing noise is a function of both the bearing and the way it is used.

Some external factors that affect bearing noise include lubricant type,

excessive bearing load, and improper installation. Once the abnormal

noise occurred, you can contact our engineers, we will help you find

the reasons and provide the appropriate solutions.


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