ISO 1182 Non-Combustibility Tester Combustion Analyzer for Building Materials

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Product Overview


ISO 1182 Non-Combustibility Chamber Fire Analyzer for Building Materials

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- ISO 1182 Non-Combustibility Chamber Fire Analyzer for Building Materials measures incombustibility and combustibility of uniform building material and non-uniform building material of actual element.


- The evaluations (results) are rising temperature in the furnace, basic mass loss and ignition of specimen. It fully satisfies KS F 2271, KS F ISO 1182 and ISO 1182 as international standards in the same time.


- ISO 1182 Non-Combustibility Chamber Fire Analyzer for Building Materials uses module type temperature controller to be stable over 60 minutes in the furnace condition of 750±5℃ and meets precise test result.


- And another advantage is the automatic up-down specimen movement device for accurate results as well as user-friendly process. Thus, it doesn't matter who is test-users.

RS 232C communication and Data Acquisition Board is able to be accurate Interface of test values, so user can test the whole function and test by PC easily and automatically.


Test Result:

* Mass Loss(g) and Rate(%)

* Ignition Time(s) and Sustained Flaming(s)

* Initial & Maximum Furnace Temperature(℃)

* Final Furnace Temperature(℃)

* Maximum Specimen Center Temperature(℃)

* Final Specimen Center Temperature(℃)

* Furnace Temperature Rise(℃)

* Specimen Center & Surface Temperature Rise(℃)

* Differential Test Result by Standards

(ISO 1182:1990, KS F ISO 1182: 2004, IMO FTPC Pt.1: 1998, KS F 2271: 1998) 




* Building Materials

* Rail





ISO 1182 Reaction to fire test for building material---Non-combustibility test
BS 476-4 Fire Tests on Building Materials and Structures.. Part 4: Non-Combustibility Test for Materials
BS 476-11  Fire tests on building materials and structures - Part 11: Method for assessing the heat emission from building materials
KS F ISO 1182 Method of non-combustibility test of building products
KS F 2271 Testing method for incombustibility of internal material and element of building

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1.  Single Zone Furnace operable at up to 900 ℃ with the NIKROTHAL Ribbon Heater.

2.  750±5℃ temperature auto control with TPR.

3.  Furnace facilitating maintenance and replacement.

4.  Up/down automatic moving system for correct positioning of test sample and user’s convenience.

5.  Mirror to observe the ignition quality of test sample.

6.  RS 232C communication and DAQ Board-adopted interface.   

7.  Auto testing by DAQ Board and PC.

8.  Alarm temperature-based over current shut-off system for user’s safety.

9.  Software (Non-Comb 2005) to print out reports based on exact data result and each standard.





Product Name ISO 1182 Non-Combustibility Chamber Fire Analyzer for Building Materials
Size 400mm(w) × 40mm0(D) × 1,270mm(H)
Power 220 V AC, 60 Hz, 10 A
Weight about 40kg
Control unit 530mm(w) × 270mm(D) × 280mm(H)
Manual supplied
Utilities Personal Computer and PC Printer
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ISO 1182 Non-combustibility tester



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