Proculus 5 inch uart tft touch modules screen lcd display module flexible panel

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Price:$35.00 - $45.00
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Product Overview


Product Description

Model Number
Display Size
5.0 inch
400 nit
128M, extended to 1G at maximum.
Buzzer, RTC, Audio, USB


Product Details

Why Choose Us

High Performance

Proculus Uart LCM
1, High-quality and reliable Hardware .
2, Intuitive and frequently updated Software.
3, Simple and easy-to-learn Communication Protocol.
4, Short Lead-Time.
5, Well-trained Support Team.
6, Cost-effective complete GUI Solution.

Easy-to-use Software

UnicView AD is a GUI Designer used to create the configured on project or AD LCMs. It provides an intuitive and easy-to-use
environment to create Human-Machine Graphical Interfaces very quickly.

P.Box--Proculus starter kit

A complete starter kit, including a 2.8"
color display, built for those who thrive
on challenging their limits.The perfect
combination of Software and Hardware,
using the UNICVIEW programming platform
and the intelligent displays, the creation
of professional GUIs and special effects is
at your fingertips.

P.Box provides everything you need to design intelligent GUIs

Application scenarios

High Reliability

Production Inspection
Materials are processed to tested in all sections including inbound inspection, PCBA manufacturing as well as
Aging Test
Aging test up to 72 hours at 55℃ is mandatory before delivery, in order to ensure the annual RMA getting lower than 0.5%
Line Production
Reliability test applied including high/ low temp. test, vibration-simulation test to ensure no failed units in use. This test are in use at SMT, Assembly Section and QC separately

What We Provide?


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Company Profile

Who Are We?

Proculus Technologies is the leading innovative company in the industry of embedded devices, focusing on All-in-one TFT LCDs including UARTs and Android Solutions.

Its intelligent displays, integrated LCD, touch panel, and graphical interface, greatly reduce the development complexity and time requirements for products which request rich and beautiful GUIs, by moving the hard work of graphical processing out from the microcontrollers to the LCM itself.

Software UnicView, the tool of GUI development designed by Proculus, transforms your artist's imagination into reality quickly and at low costs.

There is much less to learn and that much more to accomplish. With the smart display and touch screen interface, you will win customers with technology and innovation.

Packing & Delivery


Q1. What company are you ?
Proculus Technologies, is the leading innovative company in the industry of embedded devices, focusing on All-in-one TFT LCDs including UARTs and Android Solutions.
Proculus Technologies provides a completed solution on Intelligent Display, including intuitive visual interface software,
high-quality display module, accessories as well as dedicated technical support.

Q2. What kind of interface does the display have?
The display set is using UART serial port (USB/RS232/TTL) to communicate with any kind of MCU unit by HEX command sets.

Q3. What products line/category do you have ?
Android Tablets and UART LCMs.
Android Tablets designed for user who run the App on device which involved with remote control, Internet connection, as well as multiple I/O ports. It is more complex than UARTs and highly customized.
UARTs is mostly used in industrial level products including medical device, engineering etc. It has 5 commands only communicating with microcontroller and visualized software UnicView AD® enhanced the efficiency of development in GUIs.

Q4. What kind of display size you can supply?
UARTs: From 2.8’’ to 18.5’’; Android Tablets: 5’’ to 18.5’’.
Both solution accepts customizations of board with MOQ 300pcs.

Q5. How can we start to use your products?
Sample are welcome to purchased from with 1-2pcs in the beginning to test if product valid to your use. For those of customers who bought UARTs, please contact customer service to enable your serial key for using of UnicView AD®

Q6. Is Software UniView AD® free of charge?
For first-time user, we offer a valid-15days free serial key since the packs arrival to evaluate. If you need more time to test,
$100 usd would be charged however it going to be refunded in premise that product step to production.

Q7. How to test the sample of UARTs ?
Please go to web to understand more.

Q8. Do you have local support in my country?
We have branch or distributors in United Sates, Italy, Spain, Brazil. If your feel local communication is preferable or
Spain/Portuguese speaking is must, please let us know to get local support.

Q9. How about lead time?
Sample: 1-2weeks.

Q10. Why does P.BOX are priority to purchase?
No matter what size are you targeted in, we highly recommend customer to put 2.8’’ Pbox Starter kits in cart at lowest cost to perform with your controller including all accessories that you need. Please read following link for starter kit:

Q11. What kind of software assistance do you have for Android development?
Completed SDK of Android are available to customer for Android O.S. customizations including Android 5.1/7.1/ 8.1 and Linux. Our business stay away from App design but underlying system are fully offered without charge.

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