Sphere Aquarium Porous Bio Balls Fish Tank Bio-Filter Media Bacteria House Pellets For Aquarium Sump Canister Filter Bakki

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Sphere Aquarium Porous Bio Balls Fish Tank Bio-Filter Media Bacteria House Pellets For Aquarium Sump Canister Filter Bakki  





Quartz mineral ball could culture nitrifying bacteria to improve water quality.  the micropore of ball iteself has the habitat for nitrifying bacteria. Quartz ball has strong adsorption, it adsorp the pigment, bacteria, harmful metal elements etc.  The ions that swimming in water also become the food of quartz ball which adsorption capacity is very high.   The water that treatment by quartz ball is named soft water.  The quartz ball could adsorb bacterial include E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus. 

The quartz ball will cultivat and form a nitration system, can decompose fish's feces and residual feed, improve fish immunity, remove chlorine and heavy metals from water, prevent the breeding of algae.  The establishment of nitrifying bacteria in fish tanks depends on the quality of bacteria house used, which is directly related to the clarity and stability of water quality in fish tanks. 



1: High efficient bacteria culture:

High temperature sintering process. the inside gap is within 10-100 microns. It is very suitable for parasitic for aerobic nitrifying bacteria , anaerobic nitrifying bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms.

2: High density void:

High density voids bring more surface area, there are more than 450M2 surface area per liter quartz ball. that pvoding a good place for the adhesion and reproduction of nitrifying bacteria. 

3: Remove harmful substances from water.

Remove the harmful materials inside aquatic animals box such as nitrate, nitrite, ammonia etc.through parasitize nitrification bacterium purify harmful materials while still having adsorption action, the harmful materials can be purified quickly through physics way. 

4: Stable water quality: Neutral GP and PH, the effect for water acidity and alkalinity is very low. 

Product application


1: Eliminate toxic ammonia nitrogen and nitrite ammonia in water.

2: Promote biopurification. 

3: Large surface area for bacteria implantation.

4: Neutral GP and PH, the effect for water acidity and alkalinity is very low. 

5: Strong adsorption ability can quickly remove harmful substances in water.

6: Reasonable and compact structure and do not easy to differentiate, large surface area , its an ideal filter material.





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1: Natural ore: Natural materails such as volcanic stone, maifan stone, fluorite, quartz etc. and sintered by high temperature.

2: High temperature sintering,   strengthen the water activity.

3: Good water permeability: the micropores are small and numerous, the surface area is large, and water permeability is extremely strong, increasing the dissolved oxygen in the water. 

4: Bacteria hotbed: accelerate the nitrification of bacteria and prevent the growth of algae. 

5: Stable water quality: The water quality is stable and restore the natural clear water quality. 

6: Long service life:  the serive life could be more than 2 years.  Its structure is tight and not easy to differentiate. 



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