Hospital Building HVAC AHU System ZERO Brand Air Handling Unit

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Our Advantages

TICA Modular Air Handling Unit Description
Providing various combination patters of their functional sections based on customers’ requirements, and applied in many working conditions; Featured by a patented structure, low air leakage, modular design and level interior, and applicable to purification; Equipped with professional selection software and secure structure design, and free from any cold bridge or rusting;Provided with a base c/w a level regulator to ensure seamless splice with the housing.

Patented structure, low air leakage rate
TICA patented design of labyrinth seal structure which provides low air leakage formed by using aluminum sections with concave and convex chamfer at joints of AHU body and tightening with bolts and nuts

Robust structural design
TICA labyrinth AHU has an aluminum alloy frame and a hidden metal inner frame, in which the former constitutes a rigid body with
high resistance to torsion by using a tenon structure and tightening with bolts and nuts, while the latter greatly improves the strength of the unit.

Flat interior, applicable for purification applications
TICA labyrinth AHU is flat interiorly and has no insulation strips, seals and small cumbersome parts, making it ideal for
purifiying air conditioning and IAQ. The inner panel can be of hot dip galvanized panel, color panel or stainless steel panel

Prevention of cold bridge and rust
All metals inside TICA labyrinth AHU are isolated from those outside by means of polyurethane foaming and specially designed
seals, eliminating insulation strips commonly used in general AHUs and therefore preventing the cold bridge. Frames of aluminum
sections are embedded around all panels, completely isolating corners of metal panel from air and moisture and thereby preventing
rust spot on panels.

Leveling device
A leveling device is provided on the base, which levels individual AHU body before connecting functional sections of two AHUs,
ensuring seamless connection of AHUs

Aerotechnics technology designed access doors
The access door is designed with aerotechnics technology, with high strength, small deformation, double knife seal and no leakage, and a safety pressure relief device to ensure the safe operation of the access door.

Professional selection software
TICA’s AHUs are selected by professional selection software which is programmed in strict accordance with laws of engineering and
modified according to actual service to provide more reliable software.

1.United Technologies
TICA has established a global strategic joint venture with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) whose businesses include the
world’s most advanced Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines, the largest air-conditioning company Carrier and the biggest elevator
company Otis.

2.Market Share
No.1 air side products provider with 14.1% of market share.Consecutive 8 years of No.1 AHUs provider in China.

3.Export Ability
TICA products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, including Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe,Argentina, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, etc.

4.Choice of International Brand
The largest purification equipment supplier in the electronic cleaning industry, More than 2000 electronic enterprises choose TICA brand.The biggest supplier of clean room equipment in China; and Serving over 3000 GMP-Certified Pharmaceutical facilities;The biggest supplier of integrated clean room equipment for operating room in China;Serving over 6000 Grade-A Class 2 and Class 3.


Horizontal Combination 1
Mixing +Panel Filter + Cooling Coil + Fan
Horizontal Combination 2
Mixing+ Panel Filter + Bag Filter
+ Cooling Coil + Fan
Horizontal Combination 3
Exposed Filter + Cooling Coll Fan

Horizontal Combination 4
Mixing + Panel Filter + Bag Filter + Cooling Coil + Heating Coil + Fan
Horizontal Combination 5
Mixing + Panel Filter + Cooling Coil + Heating Coil + Humidifer
+ Fan Diffusion + Bag Filter + Air Supply

Vertical Combination 1
Exposed Filter + Cooling Coil + Fan
Vertical Combination 2
Mixing + Panel Filter + Cooling Coil + Heating Coil + Humidifer
+ Fan + Diffusion + Bag Filter + Air Supply

Air Flow Range
1000~320000 CMH

Certifications and Authorization

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