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Product Overview


Pv Industry 20W 50W Fiber Laser Solar Cell Scribing Machine For Cutting Splitting Silicon Wafer

(Model:PE-20W/50W )

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Product Description

Perfect Laser is a company dedicated to producing customer-satisfactory laser dicing machines. A laser scribing machine for solar cell model PE-20W/50W has been introduced. The laser scribing machine for solar cell reconfigures the worktable processing section, open workbench handles the area, and the upper and lower materials are more convenient. Removing spare parts from the worktable is more accurate and not easily deformed. In addition, the laser scribing machine for solar cell can serve the modification of the laser scribing solar battery motor, the operation is more stable, the cutting noise is smaller, and the design is more humane.


This Fiber Laser Scribing Machine is widely used in solar photovoltaic industry, monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar battery (cell) and silicon (wafer) of scribing processing (cutting section).

Detailed Images

1.This solar cell laser scribing machine is fully enclosed design, with dust cover, it can avoid environmental pollution, to prevent the operator's vision damage.

2.Software upgrade: the solar cell laser scribing machine support the arc interpolation,circular arc cutting more smoothly.

3.The wafer scribing machine upgrade: covers an area of space smaller after modification, operating more accord with human body engineering.

4.Refactoring workbench processing part, open-type workbench processing area, up-down material more convenient. Removed spare parts from the workbench tablet, higher precision and not easy to deformation.

5. Improvement the screw parts of solar cell laser scribing machine: screw lead increased, so as to expedite the processing speed, guarantee machining accuracy.

6. Direct plug-in light path design of the solar cell cutting machine, higher machining precision, better effect .

7.Serve motor modification: run more smoothly, smaller cutting noise,more humanized design;

8.Authoritarian flat dust removal device, The processing effect of the solar cell cutting machine is better.

9.Improved the laser signal control section of the solar cell cutting machine, software runs more stable and fast. 

Technical Data

Model specification 
PE-20W/50W Fiber Laser Scribing Machine
Laser wavelength 
Laser power 
20W or 50W
Scribing line width 
Scribing speed 
Scribing precision 
Workbench wide 
Temperature control precision 
Working power supply 
Cell automatic adsorption, dust removal 
Cooling way 
High precision and constant temperature circulating water cooling professional integration 

Packing And Shipping

Company Introduction

Perfect Laser is a world famous manufacturer of industrial Fiber Laser Scribing Machine. Since 1995, Perfect Laser focused on the development and production of various types of laser machinery and CNC equipments. 

We have attended lots of internal and overseas exhibition, such as India exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition, Guangzhou exhibition, Germany exhibition etc.

Every year, lots of global customers has visited our factory and looking for collaboration with us, such as USA, UK, Germany, poland, Italy, Vietnam, etc.. We all have business partners!

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