Factory supplier dialysis equipment hemodialysis machine YSHD-4000 with best price

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Product Overview


Factory supplier dialysis equipment hemodialysis machine YSHD-4000 with best price


Product Description

 Model: YSHD-4000



1. Adjustable sodium And UF profiling Enable Customized Treatment For Patients.
2. Convenient Process for Sequential Ultrafiltration and Dialysis.
3. High Volume Hemofiltration (HVHF) Is Available.
4. Kt/V Calculation Function Can Be Used For Evaluating the Sufficiency of Dialysis via the Urea Kinetic Model Volume Balance System.
5. Isolated Hemoperfusion Mode, Decrease the Normal Hemodiafiltration Device Self-Detecting Time And The Dialysate Waste.
6. The Adaptive Regulation and Control System Effectively Avoids Various Complications. And Can Clear Middle and Small Molecules Toxin.
7. Automatic Disinfestation and Decalcifilcation by Many Kinds of Disinfectant Liquids and Picking Solutions.
8. Back-Up Power Supply For 30 Min After Electricity Off.


Forms of Therapy
Hemodialysis, Online Hemofiltration (Online HF), Online Hemodiafiltration (Online HDF),Isolated Ultrafiltration, Sequential Ultrafiltration, Hemoperfusion, etc.


Technical Features
1. The Multi-Functional Machine Offers Customized Curing Mode For Patients.
2. The Advanced Volume Balance Control System Enables Accurate Control of Ultrafiltration.
3. Double-Stage Intoxication Filtration Ensuring That The Substitution Fluid Meets AAMI Standards.
4. Reliable System and Safe Treatment Ensured By Pressure Detectors, Conductivity Detectors, Air Detectors and Blood Leakage Detectors.


Dimension(W*H*L) 850 x840×1660 mm
Gross Weight Aprox.140 Kg
Power Supply AC220V,50~60HZ
Connected Load <2000VA
Water Supply Pressure Range :0~8.0BAR,Temperature Range:0~35℃
Venous Pressure Working Range -700~+800mmhg, Accuracy±10mmhg
Arterial Pressure Working Range -700~+800mmhg, Accuracy±10mmhg
Transmembrane Pressure Working Range -700~+800mmhg,Accuracy±10mmhg
Blood Flow Range 0~700mI/Min
Dialysate Flow Range 0~300~500~800mI/Min (Adjustable)
Substitution Fluid Flow 0~25L/H
Dialysate Temperature Working Range 30~41℃,Accuracy±0.1℃
Hepanin Pump Working Range 0~10 mlH,Accuracy±0.1mlH
Conductivity 'Working Range 10~20 ms/am Accuracy±0.1ms/cm
Air Detector Detecting≥0.02ML/Single Bubble Detecting
Blood Leak Detector Detecting blood leak ≥0.35mLmin (HCT 32%)
Hot Rinse ≥85℃
Clean/ Disinfection

Decaldification: Rinse, citric acid 

Thermal Disinfection: Hot water or citric acidw
Chemical Disinfection: Sodium hypochlorite or peracetic acid




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hemodialysis machine price

hemodialysis machine price

dialysis equipment hemodialysis machine

hemodialysis machine price
dialysis equipment hemodialysis machine

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