PTZ тепловизионная камера дальнего действия для контроля морской безопасности

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
PTZ visible light and cooled thermal imaging Camera
Product Model
HD daylight vision
5~8 km human recognition
Thermal vision
6.4 km human recognition; 11.6 km car recognition
Optional function
Laser illumination, Laser rangefinder, GPS, Electric compass, Auto-tracking

1. With continuous zoom thermal imaging technology, the image is clear, enabling wide-range search and recognition of distant targets;
2. Cooled thermal imaging detector with high temperature sensitivity, NETD≤25mK;
3. Day &night 2MP low-illuminance color camera with IVS functions;
4. Multi-position intelligent recognition auto focus technology, can adapt to a variety of scene changes, to achieve fast focus;
5. Optional preset function, can remember FOV of each preset, improve work efficiency;
6. Fit housing, Aluminum alloy material, with Nitrogen inside, can work under harsh environment, anti-salt fog, anti-corrosion, anti-acid rain, suitable for marine environment;
7. A variety of communication interfaces can be connected and the protocol can be customized, integrated with LRF, DMC, GPS, Radar and tracking module to achieve linkage and tracking functions;
8. External distribution box, with power adapter, video server, Ethernet switch, lightning protector etc. inside, can remote control of Power ON/OFF

Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera
1. 640 ×512 high-resolution cooling detector, 15μm pixel, NETD≤25mK, clearer observation of small targets, detection distance super long;
2. 60mm~600mm, 10× optical zoom, FOV 0.9°×0.7°~ 9.1°×6.9°, IFOV 0.03~0.25mrad
3. DDE function, output hot white / hot black / pseudo color image.
4. Low power consumption, fast start-up, stable performance, clear and uniform image;

HD Daylight Camera
1. 1/2", 2.0 megapixel, progressive scan, CMOS
2. 5mm~775mm, 62x Optical Zoom
3. 2Mp(1920x1080) Resolution
4. Up to 120dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
5. Optional network interfaces with Ethernet RJ45 and optical SFP.
6. ONVIF Conformance
7. 6KV surge protection designed for network interface.
8. Electric image stabilization
9. Defog function

Laser Illuminator (Optional)

Wavelength: 808±5nm
Power: 15W
Angle: Electric sync 0.3°~30° continuous zoom
Zoom speed: 4s (optical, near-far)

20km laser range finder (Optional)
1. Wavelength: 1.57μm;
2. Frequency: 0.2Hz (Emergency 1Hz)
3. Maximum measuring range: ≥ 20km (15km visibility, equivalent section 6m*6m target under sea surface conditions);
4. The minimum measuring range: ≤ 75m;
5. Ranging accuracy: ±1m (RMS value)
6. Power supply: DC18V-33V;
7. Power consumption: ≤ 27W
8. Communication interface: RS-422, baud rate 115200bps;
9. Weight: 0.8 kg
10. Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C
11. Storage temperature: -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C
1. Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
2. C/A code 023 MHz
3. Channels 48-ch
4. Sensitivity -163dBm (typical value)
5. Horizontal accuracy < 2.5 m 2D RMS SBAS Enable
6. Coordinated system WGS-84
7. Positioning speed Under open skies
Hot start 1 s, average
Warm start 35s, average
Cold start 35s, average
Recapture 0.1 s, average
8. Height < 18,000 m
9. Speed < 515 m/s
10. Accelerated speed < 4 g

Auto tracking (Optional)
1. Target to bullseye error update rate: 25Hz
2. Target to bullseye error delay: <40ms
3. Min target contrast: 10%
4. Min target size: 3×3 pixels (This size is suitable for the listed performance, such as tracking velocity, min contrast, etc. For
high-contrast and low-velocity targets, it can track single-pixel targets)
5. Max target size 200×100 pixels
6. Tracking velocity: 4 pixels/frame (For larger size target and tracking box, it has higher tracking velocity)

Horizontal angle
0°~360° continuously
Horizontal speed
Vertical angle
Vertical speed
Speed varying while zoom
Cruise scan
1 line
Auto scan
1 line

1xRJ45, support 10M/100M network data, support remote upgrades
Relative humidity
Work temperature
-20℃ - 55℃

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