Thermo Scientific Microplate Reader 96 Well Elisa Reader

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Thermo Scientific Microplate Reader 96 Well Elisa Reader
1. Windows XP embedded operating system or external computer automatically completes all tasks such as editing, testing, storage and printing;
2. 8-channel zero-dispersion single-mode fiber measurement system, automatic positioning function of the center of the microplate hole;
3. Brand new Windows graphical interface, large-screen high-brightness LCD display, full English operating system;
4. The sample information entry supports list type and card type, you can directly enter the sample number, name and other information;
5. Intuitive ELISA plate diagram humanized design, the sample number, OD value, result, S/CO value and project parameters are displayed on the same screen;
6. Can quickly and arbitrarily mark blanks, samples, negative and positive controls and quality control, support multi-value control;
7. The horizontal or vertical 96-hole visualization plate can be arranged, the start and end positions of the test can be set arbitrarily, and it can be automatically numbered;
8. Absorbance fast test function, supports self-control, column subtraction and row subtraction, and the judgment formula can be entered at will;
9.Comprehensive qualitative and quantitative parameters, which can store layout patterns and standard curves, and can be directly recalled;
10. Single board multiple test functions, the same board can test up to 12 different inspection items;
11. Support recalculation function, the original optical density value can be repeatedly calculated in various forms;
12. Can report by board or generate comprehensive report by sample number, and enter projects and results in batches;
13. The result can be inquired according to the specimen number and name, and the data change trend of each item of the specimen can be automatically tracked and analyzed;
14. The measurement data can be directly exported to MS Excel for further analysis
Model Number
Light source
6V 10W
Measuring range
8-inch large-screen color LCD
Data storage
more than 300 test procedures and 50 96-well plate test results, 20 ELISA plate formats, more than 100,000 test results
USB two-way communication port, printer parallel port;
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