Машина для резки труб с микрокомпьютером, термоусадочная трубка, ПВХ трубка, медный лист, алюминиевый стальной резак для всех материалов

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Product Overview


Microcomputer pipe cutting machine heat shrinkable tubing, PVC tube, PE tube, silicone tube cutter 


  • BORX-WX100 suitable for heat shrinkable tubing, silicone tubing, Teflon tube, fiberglass tubing, PVC tubing, PE tubing, silicone tubing, oil resistant tubing, railway tubing, braided mesh tubing, fluoroplastic tubing, anticorrosive tubing, yellow green tube, pattern tubem medium and thick wall sheath, double wall tubem marking tubem electrolytic capacitor PVC sleeve, PVC plastic tap, flat cable, cable tie line, plastic hosem insulating paper, copper foil, copper sheet, double surface glue, PE film bag, leather, non-woven fabric, acetate cloth, rubber pad, cotton gauze belt, seat belt, elastic belt, colored belt, track belt, plastic belt, hook and loop belt, battery separator, nickel sheet, diffuser sheet, reflective film, conductive cloth, foam, PET, Velcro, zipper and other strip or tube shape cut according length.

  • Accuracy control up to 0.1mm, cut long, short, soft, and hard synochronous cutting of multiple roots, using high speed steel knife to cut.

  • Adjustable high cutting speed, full chinese LCD display

  • Cutter time protection, total number setting, splitting setting, the length and speed of the tape are adjustable

  • Various manual operation are available for easy debugging.

  • Using a special mechanical structure and special tools, coupled with special software control, to solve the problem of uneven cuts of other manufacturers silicone tubes. Achieve flat incision and accurate length.


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