M6 M8 M10 Bolt Fix Swivel Caster Clear Wheel For Furniture Omniball With Thread Stem Mini Ball Transfer

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Product Overview


M6 M8 M10 Bolt Fix Swivel Caster

Clear Wheel For Furniture

Omniball With Thread Stem

Mini Ball Transfer




Big ball materials: Bearing Steel, Carbon Steel,SS, Nylon, Plastic

Housing materials: Mild steel with Nickel/Zinc plated, SS, Plastic



It is widely used in transmission systems, feeding systems, processing systems, processing machinery, and packaging and auxiliary equipment. 


They are procured with the best prices and used in the buildings whose load-bearing system is of steel and prefabricated concrete, such as industrial buildings, military buildings, social buildings, agricultural buildings, sports facilities, construction sites, silos, hypermarkets, shopping malls, cold storage depots and marketplaces.  


Company Information

Our factory is producing ball transfer units,conveyor roller bearings and lazy susan bearings. The plant is located in Dainan Twon, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. We also have built distributing warehouse and office in Changsha city.





lWe were one of the first factory developing ball transfer units in China since year 2000, (It was still named Ai-Hua Pressed Metal Parts Factory established at year 1995).

l2005, our main business were transmit to metal pressed ball transfer units OEM service.

l2008, new designed machined series ball transfer units start producing and selling.

l2009, we starting supply products to overseas customers through agents.

l2010, apply plastic to produce ball transfer units for special industry like glass

l2012, we increased our production line of conveyor roller bearings and conveyor skate wheel rollers.

l2015, we made our internet online stores, to help retail customers who cannot source units from their local markets or shops. 

l2016, we register new brand Ahcell for overseas online selling and promotion.This new brand is much easier to remember than old symbol brand.

l2017, we add Plastic conveyor roller and steel Lazy Susan Bearings in our products line.

l2018, we are starting new company to operate both domestic and overseas business.


After years study and research, our company is a leading manufacturer and the biggest stock-list supplier on ball transfer units in China now.


More than 30 distributors in China and overseas are cooperated with us, our products models are well known as industry common codes for ball transfer units.


There are over 1000 models ball transfer units in our standard production list, and over 200 popular models with stock to supply. Also many customers will order customized design units every year.


Our alibaba online store:


MOQ: 1 piece

Product Description

Below please see our brief catalogue of popular items.

We also can make customized designs.-1




Our Services

We are continously providing high quality products,the raw material are purchased from relable & certified suppliers only.


Our products comply with certificates of RoHS, REACH.


Usefull Informations:

Material Code for Main-Ball/Shell



Main ball in Carbon Steel,Shell in Carbon Steel


Main ball in Bearing Steel,Shell in Carbon Steel


Main ball in Plastic,Shell in Carbon Steel


Main ball in 304 Stainless steel,Shell in Carbon Steel


Main ball in 304 Stainless Steel,Shell in304 Stainless Steel


Main ball in Plastic,Shell in Plastic


Main ball in 304 Stainless Steel,Shell in Plastic


Main ball in 440 Stainless Steel,Shell in 304 Stainless Steel


S6:316 Stainless Steel;NY: Nylon


Default material is CS/CS for CY series

Default material is BS/CS for machined steel series

Default material is SS/SS for MSM series

Default material is PL/PL for NL series


 General Installation Ways

Self Tapping Screw

Fit for light duty flanged type, like CY-A, CY-B series


Fit for light duty flanged type, like CY-A, CY-B series


Fit for heavy duty flanged type,like IA,IS,SD,SI,UK,KSF,NL-A,NL-B series

Press Drop-in

Fit for none flange type, like CY-H, SP, KSM series

CW Clamps

DIN471 Circlip

Fit for none flange type small sizes, like CY-H, SP, KSM,NL-C,NL-H series


Fit for bolt type, like CY-F, SP-FL, KSM-FL series



Fit for carbon steel shell types, please consider how to replaced if welded



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