High Quality Nutrition Mineral Lick Block cow mineral licking salt block sheep Mineral Salt lick Block

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Dairy Cow Nutrition Mineral Block


  Salt lick

Main ingredients

Salt, calcium propionate, sodium bicarbonate, organic iron, organic copper, organic manganese, organic zinc, yeast selenium, rumensin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, etc.




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Contains protective factors, regulatory factors and calcium propionate, which can enhance the disease resistance of dairy cows, effectively prevent the occurrence of hypocalcemia, fatty liver, ketosis, endomitritis, uterus relaxation, retained placenta, mastitis,   and other postpartum diseases, also can reduce abortion, persistent corpus luteum and other reproduction problems, improve postpartum recovery of dairy cows, increase lactating capability, and extend the peak milk duration.









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1. Is it necessary to use mineral blocks when trace elements have already been added to the feed?

Although ruminants can absorb the trace elements in the feed, we still recommend you to use our mineral blocks. The disadvantage of getting all necessary nutrients from feed is the amount of nutrient animal absorbed is not fully satisfy the real demand of ruminants, also some elements may over supplied and excreted through manure, some even toxic to animals. All these not only cause economic loss, also impact environment protection. When ruminants get stressed, they will increase their demand for trace elements, otherwise their disease resistance will go down. The biggest advantage of the V8 mineral blocks is that it enables ruminants to freely intake in nutrients by licking the V8 mineral blocks when they need it. While licking the blocks, the rumen environment also get improved, it further improve the absorption of trace elements.


Q: What good is your product for animals?

10 years experience proved that our mineral blocks work great for animals growth and production.

V8 mineral blocks is hard solid and contains salt, lactose, calcium and phosphorus, and other necessary trace elements for the growth and development of ruminants.



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