hot sale nature organic nutritional yeast from saccharomyce brewer yeast extract powder FOR food additives as flavor enhancer

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Product Description

Brewer Yeast Extract Powder
1.With fresh brewers yeast as raw material, yeast extract rich in protein, free amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, completed B complex vitamins, microelement and so on.

2.In addition, since it’s rich in 8 kinds of necessary amino acids to human body and the complete B vitamins, which has a very high nutritional value,also can be used as a seasoning tonic ingredients and functional food ingredients.

Product Catalog

Yeast Extract Powder
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Moisture %
Total nitrogen (on dry basis) %
Amino aicd nitrogen%
Sodium chloride %
Flavor Enhancing
Sauce Flavor

Nutrition Ingredients

* Derived from natural yeast, the YE (Yeast Extract) has variety of nutrients:

**High quality complete protein (complete essential amino acids)
**High quality vitamins (complete B vitamins)
**High quality minerals (biomass iron, zinc, selenium, chrome etc.)
**High quality functional dietary fiber (β-glucan, mannan etc.)


1.All kinds of flavoring: high grade sepcially fresh sauce, Oyster oil, Chicken Bouillon,cow camosine,all kinds of soy
sauce,fermented bean curd,food vinegar and family seasoning and son on.
2.Meats,aquatic product processing:Put the yeast extract into the meat food,such as the ham,the sausage,the meat stuffing and so on, and the bad smell of the meat can be covered. The yeast extract has the function of rectifying the flavor of and increase the savory of the meat.
3.Convenience food:such as fast-food,leisure food,frozen food,pickles,biscuits and cakes,puffed food,dairy products,all kinds of seasonings and so on.
4.Nourshing liquid:Can be confected with other nutriment to produce nutrient oral liquid.

Application in seasonings such as chicken essence
Enhance delicious taste and rich taste
Make the taste mellow
Stable fragrance
Application in baked goods
Improve the flavor and color of baked goods
Increase product water retention and prevent aging of baked products
Improve the ductility and baking of the dough
Application in fillings
It has a unique flavor, better taste
Can replace hydrolyzed protein, MSG, and meat powder
Reduce product cost

Product Package

Bag package: 25Kg/bag

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About our company

Tangshan Top Bio_Technology Co.,Ltd
Tangshan Top Bio_Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech manufacturer of yeast and yeast related products,
which covers up 15hectare. It’s the central government investment project. It has the latest cutting edge technology in production,with fully computerized and automated large-scale processing, and advanced research facilities and application technique in addition to standard quality control.The company produces yeast extract powder and yeast extract paste for human food.

Our Advantages
Tangshan Top Bio_Technology has established a strong technical collaboration with Microbial Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as with several other famous colleges and universities in the country.We are proud of our achievement, our
ability to build and maintain a large scale fully automated processing line, and among the most advanced in the world.It is our corporate policy to remain in the fore front of scientific research in this niche area and continue to bring good health and proper nutrition to the society and to all mankind.

Why choose us?

1.Advanced processing equipment
2.Strict quality control and R & D

3.First-class company brand
4.First-class production equipment
5.First-class quality control 
6.First-class technology service

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Payment and Delivery


1.HOW long have your company run on yeast industry?
10 years.
2.Which payment terms are you accept?
3. Can you provide some samples?
Of course,we can provide free samples ,you only need to pay the freight.
4.How to confirm the Product Quality before placing orders?
You can get free samples for some products,you only need to pay the shipping cost or arrange a courier to us and take the samples.

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