AVIC UAV бренд 30L надежный сельскохозяйственный распылитель Дрон/беспилотный беспилотник с дистанционным управлением сельскохозяйственный распылитель для распыления пестицидов

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Product Overview


                  AVIC UAV Brand 30L reliable agricultural sprayer drone/remote controlled uav drone crop sprayer for pesticide spraying 

Company Information


Chengdu Zhonghang Machinery Co., Ltd. dominated science and technology-oriented service, based on the forefront of high-tech fields, specialize in low-altitude UAV field of technology research and development, product sales, technical services, training of drone. Based on the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flight safety, application service integration, technological innovation and personnel training, Zhonghang Machinery has become an "overall solutions provider" in the field of international low-altitude UAVs, and has promoted the development of the UAV industry, Impact of building, achieved large-scale UAV applications and standardization.


The company has strong R & D team and sales team. It also has solid research and development capabilities, which is the University of Electronic Science and Technology set up drone technology joint laboratory and engineering technology research center (Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission approved). The research center has 8 doctors, 12 professors, 42 masters. It has lead the development of numbers of products, achieved 25 patents. Marketing team is proficient in English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and other languages.



The company has 20,000 square meters assembly and production sites of unmanned aerial vehicle, 52 kinds of testing equipment, 20 acres of drone pilot training base, a total of 10,000 pilots completed the training. The company's gamboss UAV has exported to the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France, Spain and other countries.




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 agricultural droneAVICUAV
full namesix-axis water mist machine
optional configuraton:Obstacle, Sow,camera,RTK
base configuration:Manual + automatic flight
The wheelbase 1900mm
Number of shaft  6axes
Height of homework 30m
spreaded size(excluding propeller)2000*2000*750mm
folded size (machine arm folding)1000*1000*750mm
Machine weight (excluding battery) 22kg,battery:6.3kg
Machine weight (including battery) 28.3kg
Max flight weight 60kg
Nozzle Ceramic sprinkler head imported from Germany/China
The number  6pcs
Flight Speed 3-10 Meter /Sec
Spray width 3-6 Meter /Sec
Max spraying flow 1.5-3 kg/min. (Max. 4kg/min.)
spaying efficiency 1.5-3 Acres/Min.
Water Pump Pressure /1mPa
after package total size Aluminum Box   1170*1020*910mm   41kg
after package total weight 69.3kg
The fuselage materialCeramic sprinkler head imported from Germany
Max flight time (no load) 20-25min
Max flight time (full load):12-14min
The cabinet volume 30L
Working temperature work  -15°C~45°C
Signal effective range 1km
Flight Control systems V7-AG 
Dynamic System X9
Spraying System Pressure Spray 
The battery specification 14S27000 or  6S30000 or 12S32000mah*1PCS 
work power44.4V(12S)
Charging Time 0.5-1hour
Recharge Cycles 300-500 times
Daily efficiency(6hours) 300-900acres
Storage ambient temperatureFor less than 3 months: - 20 ° C ~ 45 ° C
For more than 3 months: - 22 ° C ~ 28 ° C
Hover time35min(take-off weight 25kg)
22min(takeoff weight: 40kg)
Standby time of remote control12hrs
 load of the medicine cabinet30kg


Product Brochure



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Our Services



1.We will reply to your inquiry within two hours after receiving it, and arrange a special person to contact you. Please leave WhatsApp, WeChat and other communication tools as far as possible, so as to find yourself easily. If there is no response, please send a second letter.
2.Our company has a professional technical team and professional translators (Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and English). If you need to communicate with Russian service personnel, please inform them in advance by email.
3.We will provide the most competitive price in the Chinese market according to the requirements of your bidding documents to ensure the successful completion of your bidding project, so please give us sufficient preparation time, preferably the latest bid closing date.




1.What brand of machine can you exchange?

Our mud pumps can be exchanged with bomco, emsco, Honghua, Kerui, RG, Nov and other companies in the United States. If your part number is different, we need to compare the photo or installation size.


2.How long is the delivery time?

Some parts are available from stock. The delivery time is 1 day after you pay on alibaba.com.


3.How is your workflow?

We can confirm the specification and specification first, and then sign the sales contract and the drawings. Once the drawings are confirmed, we will take photos for you to confirm that the goods are new and in shipment before shipment. Please pay the balance before the machine leaves the factory, and then we will ship the machine to Shanghai.


4.How to deal with product quality problems?

Some of shale shaker, drilling fluid centrifuge, mud cleaner, sand pump, mud agitator is in stock supply, delivery time is 1 days after you make online payment in Alibaba. Book solid control machine delivery time is :7-35 days.


5.What about your work process?

We provide 24-hour online service, please call, if there is an agent or branch, please ask our branch for help, such as in Russia, the United States, Dubai, the manager will come to your website, if there are technical questions, we will provide 12 hours online answers at 8:30-12:00, 14:00-18:00.


6.Can I be your agent in our country?

we are developing agents all over the world. You can sign agency agreements with us.


7.What is the warranty time of your products?

The warranty time is 12 months from the date of the commissioning. After the warranty, any questions and needs, please contact us.








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