Canned Food Rotary Retorts Autoclave Sterilizer Canned Tuna retort

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Product Overview


Canned Food Rotary Retorts Autoclave Sterilizer Canned Tuna

Canned Food Rotary Retorts Autoclave Sterilizer Canned Tuna is mainly composed of the horizontal body, the heat exchanger, the circulating water pump, the pipeline and various valves, as well as the automatic control system. It is divided into top pouring type, side spray type and full spray type. In this way, the hot water is sprayed out of the spray nozzle and pipe to the surface of the food. No dead angle.
Food Sterilizer for Canning Beans Sterilization

Generally, canned food factories use this form of horizontal sterilization pot for normal-pressure water-boiled heat sterilization of cans. This equipment can achieve back-pressure sterilization through compressed air. If cooling needs to be carried out in the pot, it must be pumped into the spray pipe on the top of the pot (or a water circulation system). During sterilization, the pressure inside the can will exceed the pressure outside the can (in the pot) due to the increase in the temperature of the can due to heating. Therefore, in order to avoid the pressurization of the glass bottle and the lid during the sterilization, the two
ends of the tinplate can protrude, and the back pressure must be applied, especially for the meat can that requires a higher sterilization temperature. Use back pressure to sterilize, that is, use compressed air into the pot to increase the pressure to prevent the can from protruding and the lid from jumping.

Product Application

For high temperature sterilization of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, convenience foods, etc.
Packaging Container: PP bottles, HDPE bottles
Glass Container: glass jar, glass can
Metal Containers: tin cans
Aluminum cans plastic containers
Soft bag packaging: aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, cooking bag and so on
Scientific experiments show that the best sterilization temperature of the tide type brine food is 121 DEG, the best sterilization time is 12min, which can not only ensure the good sterilization effect, but also keep the flavor of the brine.
Mainly applicable to canned food (such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables etc.), protein beverage (milk, soy milk, coconut milk,peanut milk, walnut milk, almond milk etc.), hard cans (tin cans, glass bottles, cans etc.) and various kinds of soft packaged food.

Model NO.
Design Temp
Design Pres
PLJ.09-1.8 B.4
PLJ.10-2. B.4
PLJ.12-2.2 B.4
PLJ.14-3 B.4

Main Features

1. The water in the sterilization process is preheated in the top tank, and the bottom tank can be quickly filled with water during sterilization. Product heating speed is fast, which improves production efficiency.
2. After sterilization, the sterilization process water can be recycled to the top tank for water storage and heat preservation, saving water resources and steam heat, and reducing production costs
3. The sterilization retort has the advantages of high steam utilization and low noise.
4. he newly designed liquid flow switching device adopts continuous switching of water, bottom, left and right circulation flow, no dead corners, and the heat distribution in the sterilization stage is controlled at ±0.5℃.
5. Equipped with negative pressure safety device to avoid manual misoperation to form negative pressure and ensure equipment safety.

6. The whole process adopts PLC automatic control, and the formula is equipped with multi-level passwords to prevent the possibility of misoperation.

7. After the sterilizer is powered off and restored, the program can automatically restore to the state before the power off, reducing losses.

Detailed Images

Machine Parts

Name: Clinder

Brand: MOSEN 

Original: China

Retort cylinder is main part of the whole retort machine. We do it by using SUS304 material to gurantee the retort quality and food quality after sterilization.

Main Features

Name: Autoclave dish
Brand: MOSEN
Original: China
Retort dish is main part of retort door, it also made of SUS304, this retort dish is specially designed for food sterilization and for retort good sealing with good performance.

Machine Parts

Name: Flange
Brand: MSOEN
Original: China
SUS304 flange connects the retort dish to retort cylinder to complete the whole retort machine. We use domestic famous brand.

Main Features

Name: Autoclave Saddle
Brand: MOSEN 
Original: China 
Retort saddle is used for supporting the whole retort equipment. We design them with SUS304 material to guarantee its quality.

                PLC BOX                      SAFETY VALVE        TEMPERATURE METER             PRESSURE METER   
Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support. 

* Sample testing support. 

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After-Sales Service

* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine. 

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Visiting customers

If you want to know more about our products, welcome to our company for detailed information. Here we have professional engineers and technicians to instruct you.

Packing & Delivery


We will deliver your goods by LCL/20'FCL/40'FCL depending on your order.

Before delivery, our professional technician will do trial run for each product to check until everything is functional, you also can come to our factory and test our machine together with us.

When loading, our workers will fix the retorts tightly with wire rope so that the retorts can't move in the container.

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Our Company

Shandong Zhongtaitongze Machinery Co.,Ltd is established in 2004. It is a national D1, D2 pressure vessel manufacturer integrating design, manufacturing, research and development in northern China. The company's food sterilization machine, jacket cooker, etc. Steam cooking equipment related products and composite autoclave, rubber vulcanization autoclave, have passed ASME & CE qualification certification and the products have a wide range of customers worldwide. The company's equipment production adopts advanced automatic welding, testing, and installation equipment, and has a production and R&D team of more than 200 people, ensuring that every product in the factory meets the national pressure vessel production standards. The Group is committed to the development of food retort pots, sandwich pots, vulcanized retreading equipment for rubber products, high temperature and high pressure production equipment for composite materials, carbon fiber equipment for aerospace, etc.

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Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are a professional manufacturer.

Q: Where is your factory located?

A: Our factory is located in Zhucheng, Shandong, China. From Qingdao where closes to us 1.5 hours to Beijing, 1.75 hours to Shanghai, 4.5 hours to Guangzhou by air.

Q: What is your business scope?

A: There are three categories, such as food sterilization machine, jacket cooker, rubber vulcanization autoclave.

Q: How could we confirm the details of the products?

A: We will provide all the drawings for you to confirm or you can come here to conduct investigation.

Q: Will you charge us for drafting if we have special requests?

A: No, we will not. Free of charge to make a draft or offer.

Q: How long the warranty will be?

A: 1 Year warranty.

Q: How about the installation? And what if the machine goes down?

A: We will do that. There are two options.

a. We could appoint our engineer to your company to debug and repair, as for the cost of this trip such as ticket, visa, accommodation and labor cost shall be on your side.

b. On-line service will be provided. If still is under guarantee period, the necessary accessories and parts will be provided free, but the transportation cost of it shall be on your side.

Q: Do you take L/C?

A: Yes, we accept L/C, T/T and irrevocable L/C payable.

Q: Can we become your distributor in our country?

A: Yes, welcome you! More details will be discussed if you are interested in being our agent.

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