solar water heater feeding water painted steel 5L Assistant Water Tank

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Product Overview


The advantage of assistant tank:
The role of the auxiliary tank is to control the water supply, not to store heat or hot water.The auxiliary water tank works like a toilet, which is a float ball and a plug. When the water level in the solar water tank drops, the float ball on the auxiliary water tank sinks, the plug is opened, and the cold water in the cold water pipe connected to the auxiliary water tank enters the
auxiliary water tank and then passes through the plug, and the cold water enters the main water tank.The cold water pipe connected to the auxiliary water tank needs to be directly connected to the cold water pipe in the home. This pipe can no longer carry hot
water, so another hot water pipe must be used to connect the solar water tank to the hot water network in the home, which is a double pipe water supply.If solar energy is not used, vice water tank to control the water and you can use the controller to control water, which is used on into the cold water pipe solenoid valve, that is to use two pipes, the difference is have a water
tank of solar energy, water and water, will wash more and more cold, while the use of electromagnetic valve of solar energy will not appear this kind of problem, using the single tube solar water heater is most used manual water booster pump. innter tank:sus304 stainless steel

product specification:
1.innter tank:sus304 stainless steel
2.outer tank:sus201 stainless steel or galvanized steel
3.capacity:5L itter
4.installation site: the top of the water tank
5. Float ball valve material:sus 304stainless steel
6.valve core:pure copper

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