NANOSOFT Microneedle for intradermal injection 0.6mm long

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Nanosoft Microneedles (FILLMED Brand)

Tinysoft Microneedles (Our Brand)

The Tinysoft Microneedle is an innovative single use medical device, which enables a nearly painless and accurate injection into the dermis. The microneedle is made up of 3 silicone micro-cones of 0.6 mm-1.5mm, making the needle three times smaller than a normal injection needle. Furthermore, the needle improves patient comfort and minimizes the risk of bruising.

Product Advantage.
1. Zero-risk micro-cosmetic auxiliary consumables
2. The composition of three ultra-thin microneedles is three times that of ordinary needles
The depth of 0.6-1.5mm just reaches the dermis
3. Ultra-thin needle to reduce the risk of congestion and swelling
Sustained extremely thin penetration up to 400 times
4. Double section tip, small wound mouth, weak pain
5. Unique 3mm double helix veins lock the needle to prevent the needle from disengaging
6. The special blue mark corresponds to the outlet
7. Adopt the interface to prevent the deformation and leakage of the needle in use
8. Imported 304 medical steel has high flexibility and is not easy to break needles

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2021 Factory Price Nanosoft Needle Injection for NCTF Fillmed Nanosoft Microneedle Hand Three Needles from French Made Israel


There are 5 types of TINISOFT microneedles can be choosed: 34G 0.6mm,34G 0.8mm,34G 1.0mm,34G 1.2mm,34G 1.5mm.


The TINISOFT is intended for intradermal injections of any substance or drug approved for delivery by this delivery route.

-The TINISOFT should not be used on skin abrasions, open wounds, cuts and scars.
-The TINISOFT should not be used on rashes, skin infections or any other area of damaged or diseased skin.

-The TINISOFT is intended for single use. by healthcare professionals
-Re-use may lead to infection or other illness/injury.
-Used or un-used devices should not be re-capped or removed from syringe unless there is no alternative or such action is required
by a specific medical procedure.
-The TINISOFT is not intended for aspiration of liquids.
-If the device appears to be damaged or broken, discard and use a new device.

Local adverse reactions, including edema, erythema and discoloration of skin at the injection site have been observed, most likely
related to the injected substance, and not to the TINISOFT.

Adverse reactions related to use of the TINISOFT include small risk of microbleeding (self-limiting blood dotting, ceasing within
normal clotting time). 0ther potential device related adverse events may rarely include local infection at the injection site.

-TINISOFT should be stored at room temperature.
-The TINISOFT is individually packed in a soft blister, sterilized by ethylene oxide [EtO].
-Do not use the TINISOFT. in the event that the soft blister is either open and/or damaged.

-Dispose of all devices in accordance with national/institutional guidelines.and in their absence, discard in a sharps container.

The device is supplied as a single sterile TINISOFT device, packed in a soft blister for single use.

Disposable Sterile Syringe with needle

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1 Q:Can you supply free samples ?
A: Because of too many sample orders to us everyday, we are very sorry that we have to supply sample with charge. The sample
charge can be deducted from future orders.

2 Q: How to assure your delivery same good quality as sample?
A: Our sample is taken from our mass production. It means our product and sample is made from the same production line with same

3 Q: How to assure our delivery and quality after prepayment? If there is a dispute about quality etc, how to solve the problem?
A: We invite you to use Trade Assurance, you'll enjoy:
100% product quality protection
100% on-time shipment protection
100% payment protection for your covered amount

4 Q: How long does the effect last? A: 8-10 months.

5 Q: Can I do the customized filler box?
A: Yes.we can do it, MOQ is 100pcs, the customized fee is 200$, and if you buy 200 pcs altogether, we will refund you 200$ customized fee.

6 Q: What kind of payment do you prefer?

A: TT, LC, Western union, paypal, Money gram etc.

7 Q: What shipment company do you use and how many days does it take?
A: Normally, Fedex, 4-7 working days.


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