Смазка для автомобильного двигателя Briton SAE 40 API SL, моторное масло, автомобильные запчасти, высококачественное бензиновое моторное масло из Дубая

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Product Overview


Product Description



Motor Oil SAE 40 

 Briton Motor Oil SAE 40 Mineral Oil is premium quality motor oil designed to exceed the lubrication requirements of the most modern diesel and gasoline engines used in boating applications. Briton Oil provides excellent protection for both four-cycle gasoline engines, as well as two- and four-cycle high performance diesel engines. Briton Oil provides excellent protection against rust, sludge, and low-temperature deposits which are more commonly a problem in gasoline engines.

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Product Description


  • APl: SL


  • Helps minimizes oil consumption

  • Helps protect against ring and cylinder wear

  • Helps keep pistons clean

  • Neutralizes acids from high sulfur fuel

  • Reduces bore polishing

  • Increased wear protection for valve trains

  • Recommended for gasoline and diesel engines

Typical Properties

Kinematic Viscosity 104°F/40°CcStASTM D-7042155
Kinematic Viscosity 212°F/100°CcStASTM D-704214.8
Viscosity Index  [min] ASTM D-227095
SP. Gravity 60°Fg/cm3ASTM D-40520.8900
Flash Point [min]°CASTM D-92240
Pour Pint [max]°CASTM D-97-15

Packing Size: 1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 205L



Our Services

New Technologies

Briton Lubricants lab & research team always keep in touch with key figures of the industry to discuss new ideas and inventions to suit all conditions and everchanging requirements.

We work with regulators to develop and enhance product health and safety standards. Information on hazards and risks, as well as safe handling advice, is conveyed to product users on container labels and material safety data sheets (MSDSs).

Professional Services

Briton Lubricants export product all over the world! An extensive knowledge of international logistics allows Briton to maximise your cargo space and save you money. Briton Lubricants freight forwarding agents can provide shipping schedules and costs upon request.

Briton can customize products to meet the conditions and specific requirements of any country.

International clients looking to distribute Briton products are welcome to contact our sales time online or by phone as we will be happy responding to your enquiry.

Inspection & Testing

Briton Lubricants Lab & Research team comprises highly educated and motivated individuals to provide their customers all possible services including technical advice on products and their applications, product testing and analysis. Our laboratory is capable to conduct all essential tests. All Briton products are continuously tested and evaluated to ensure they meet the most rigorous of standards.

Precious customers are welcomed to test the samples available at our laboratory.

Company Information

BRITON Oil has chosen the most advanced technology. With the combination of very compatible blending process, proven technology additive packages have led to new lubrication knowledge and controlled the pace of most stringent requirements of modern engines and machines. In view of present-day knowledge, Briton a company that is totally committed to excellence in serving you, takes the advantage of widened spectrum of strong core lubrication technology and introduces an extensive range of products under the brand name of “BRITON” that fully meet the highest standards at the most competitive prices to suit all clientele needs. Our products meet international specifications and industrial requirements with international partnerships including motorsports.

Quality Control & Laboratory

BRITON oil is fully equipped with a state of the art testing facilities. The laboratory is the heart of our quality control, where each product featuring an advanced blend of premium quality base stock and additive, is carefully tested. All raw materials pass through stringent quality test before commencing blending, filling and packing, thus maintaining the high standards of our products.

Briton Lubricants LLC is a ISO 9001:2015 Certified Firm. 

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Our trained laboratory personnel provide analysis on used oil as per our customer enlightening program. A team of professional sales personnel await your inquiries.

  • All our products are manufactured & guaranteed to perform as per the specifications of API (American Petroleum Institute), SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), MIL (Military Specs), European and Japanese manufacturers.

  • An experienced team of highly qualified professionals ensure that BRITON’ customers in this region receive excellent Marketing & Technical support, with its innovative product range and services.

  • BRITON lubricants Blending PLANT is a State-of-the-art fully modernized plant with the advanced quality control lab. It is fully operational offering highly quality-oriented services and it is highly flexible and responsive to customer’s needs and is reputed for being a reliable service provider of world class lubricants.

  • BRITON Lubricants will continue to demonstrate its ability in setting new standards and benchmarks across the industry with focus on attaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

  • The company is committed to provide the most recent and advanced technology in the lubricants business and maintains highly responsive and Flexible logistics to ensure timely supplies and efficient service throughout the region.


Q. What kind of oils do you offer?

A. Being the manufactuters of full range of automotive lubricants we are capable to offer all kinds of Motor Oil, Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Hydraulic Oil, Brake Fluid and Greases.


Q. Why to choose you?

A. At Briton Lubricants LLC we are committed with the maintainng the quality. Using all available modern resources and technologies our QC department makes it sure to meet the ever changing demands of the market while maintaining the price.


Q. Do you offer customer labelling?

A. At Briton Lubricants we offer customer labelling.


Q. Do you offer specific inspection or certification services?

A. In order to meet the demand of the customers from different parts of the world, we at Briton Lubricants LLC Iour precious customers to arrange specific inspections and to get some certification for them.


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