TECON Large Area Wall Building Construction Plastic Concrete Wall Formwork System for Concrete

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Price:$60.00 - $85.00
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Product Overview


TECON Plastic Formwork TP60
---Ready To Ship
---Respond within 24 hours with material lists and price


Main Material
Max Size
Release Agent
No need before 10 times
Usage times
100 times
Black or customized 
100 Square Meters
Hotel, Apartment, House
Steel pallet
Delivery time
7 Days

Successful Projects (on-site supervision service and after-sales service)

Features at a glance

--Universal forming application
Wide application in walls, comer, fence walls, foundations, basements,doors&windows,elevator shafts,swimming pools as well as slab,wall, column, beam etc,
--Multiple savings on time & labor cost
The biggest panel(1200*600mm)weights 9.7kg only, thus can be easily handled by manpower, and saves crane time.
 Fast erection handle ensure high assembly efficiency, even no experienced workers required.

--Long service life , recyclable
Modified thermoplastic material and high rib design enhances panel's strength, up to 100 uses when correctly cleaned and properly used. Friendly to environment .can be recycled by professional recycling plant.
--No release agent required
Non-water absorption rate (0.13% by laboratory test 18062:2008) ensure easy stripping form concrete. No release agent required but can still produce flflat and smooth concrete finishing.

--Foam concrete companion

Besides regular concrete, TP60 panel is also a good companion of foam concrete (light weight concrete)
Using together with TECON 3 in 1 foam concrete machine to achieve low cost structure

Main Components

Easy handling panel

Panel sizes
--1200x600mm is the most popular panel size which is often applied in major shuttering areas
--The main panels whose widths ranging from 400mm to 180mm with 600mm height, make them possible configuration to shutter the remaining areas
--Small size panels are the additive covering for small holes or areas 50mm in their sizes increment

Recoverable wall tie holes cover with plugs
--No need to use tool to open holes like wooden formwork, steel and aluminium formwork
--Simply remove the plugs from the pre-located holes where there need tie rods to pull through during wall or column castings.
--Simply cover the plugs on the holes for slab castings or where there do not require tie rods.

Substitutable corner edges
--Improper treatment may cause damage on the panels especially for corners, which will shorten its service life
--Substitutable edges are developed to improve this situation, simply replace them with new comer edges

Fast Erection Handle
Despite of the light weight panel , fast erection handle is another key factor lead to high convenient and efficient forming on site

Easy operation

--Insert each handle into every holes of every two panels, rotate it 90 degree to lock panels together
--Smooth locking design allows easy operation by hand, no hammer or special tool required

Shoring system
--TECON TEP-B series props are specially selected to act as the shoring system of slab formwork
--Different from other normal props, TEP-B series props are designed and fabricated according to EN 1065 standard. and thus maintain higher load capacity while considering sufficient safety factor inside
--Well compatible with TECON flex beam and tripod H70 to make your decking job safe, easy and fast without big consumption assembly of pipes and timbers

Connection profile L for window & door, or any irregular area with plywood

Connection profile L fix with tailored size plywood help you to seal below infill areas.
--Window and door
--End stop of a liner shear wall
--Wall formwork gaps not be shuttered by 50mm increment panels,like 130mm, 210mm etc.
--Irregular size on the slabs or connection with beams, columns or walls

Steel waling
--Always ready to provide additional reinforcement for shear wall construction, such as straight wall, corners, T junctions etc..
--Perfect powder coated finishing prevent concrete adhere on the surface, and thus makes cleaning job easy

Wall tie system
--Zine coated wall tie system mainly includes D12 tie rod. D12 big plate nut.
--D12 tie rod Is made from #45 steel and can maintain maximum 90kN break load according to laboratory test
--D12 Big plate nut is made from cast iron, with 90mm diameter base plate
--PVC tube and cone act as the spacer

Column Solution

Economic column solution with all sizes range  by different combination of TP6O panels
Round column
--300mm, 350mm, 400mm and 450mm diameter columns can be produced with TP60 round column formwork panels

Our Service Process

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About Us

The leading formwork brand in China
TECON Formwork & Scaffolding Engineering.As the specialist in formwork & scaffolding engineering area, we provide reliable products & in-time services for our customers in construction industry all over the world.We have a wide range of products line which covers climbing formwork, wall formwork, slab formwork, column formwork, beam formwork, shoring towers and all kinds of scaffoldings.

Packing Method


1. Are you looking for agent or distributor in our country?
Yes, we are looking for agent or distributor worldwide based on win-win relationship. If you have such experience, capability of investment, as well as business plan & goal, we’d be glad to discuss with you in details. TECON has its special agent and distributor policy waiting to support your success in formwork & scaffolding industry.

2. How to get a quotation?
You can send us your material list to request for a quotation, or you can also simply send us the structural drawing and project information for complete formwork & scaffolding proposal via below contacts.
Phone: +86-512-65650586
Mobile: +86-188 6239 8372

3. What is the payment term?
By T/T or L/C.

4. What is the lead time?
For plastic formwork we have stock in our warehouse. The preparation of loading will be within 7 days.
For TP60 column formwork, the lead time is about 7 days.
For TP60 round column formwork, the lead time is about 7 days.
For more accurate lead time, please contact us for specific product based on your quantity.

5. What is the package method?
We have standard steel pallet, wooden pallet etc. which suits to container transportation.

6. Do you have any guarantee on the quality?
We have guarantees on the quality on different product basis.

7. Do you offer buy back system or rental business?
We offer buy back system on some of medium and big scale projects, but we do not have any rental business yet.

8. Do you have on-site supervision service?
Yes, we have on-site supervision service for most of our projects across the world except for a few restriction regions.

9. What benefit we can get from TECON?
From TECON, you can get full range of advanced system with excellent quality, our know-how and in-time service. They will lead to increased productivity, labor saving and great cost down on your site as a result.

10. How to purchase your formwork and scaffolding?
For any order you proceed with TECON will basically follow below steps.

Step 01. Confirm the PI based on our proposal after technical & commercial communication – by Customer, TECON Overseas Sales team and Technical team
Step 02. Make the deposit – by Customer
Step 03. Report on production schedule weekly until completion – by TECON Customer Care team
Step 04. Execute pre-shipment inspection – by Customer or Third Party Inspection company
Step 05. Effect the balance payment – by Customer
Step 06. Arrange the loading and shipment after balance payment – by TECON Customer Care team
Step 07. Submit the full set of shipping documents via courier after departure – by TECON Customer Care team
Step 08. Submit the full set of user manual, calculation, shop drawing and assembly drawings – by TECON Overseas Sales team
Step 09. Site supervision – By TECON Site Supervision team

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