China factory manufacturer universal digital display speedometer for motorcycle

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 the function includes (speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, water temperature gauge), the LCD screen is very clear, the viewing angle is large and the soft vision, relieve eye fatigue. 2. Left and right turn signals: show where the vehicle's turn signals are located. Usually in the flameout state, when the owner lights the turn signal, the indicator will light up in the corresponding direction. 3. Gear position (N, 1-6 gear position display function, and there is no need to add another gear positioner) 4. Oil quantity indicator: shows the amount of oil stored in the vehicle. When the electric door is opened and the meter performs self-test, the fuel gauge function prompts you whether you need to refuel. 5. High beam: display the status of the vehicle high beam, usually extinguished, when the owner turns on the high beam, the indicator light indicates that the vehicle high beam is on 6. KM / H to MPH (metric system display switch



Q: Can I customize this product?
A: Color, appearance, materials, functions can be customized, you can send us an inquiry to tell us your requirements.

Q: Can I customize the box of the product?
A: We can meet all kinds of packaging, including cartons or plastic bags, you can send us an inquiry, we can provide you with other customer cases for your reference.

Q: Can I add my own logo?
A: You can customize your logo on the box or on the product.

Q: How long does it take for you to produce a product?
A: If you don't customize the product, we can complete the production and delivery within 15 days. If you need to customize, please send us an inquiry and tell us the item you need to customize. We will tell you the sample and tell you the approximate time.

Q: Is the material of the product environmentally friendly and is there a chemical smell?
A: Our materials are environmentally friendly materials, have no chemical odor, and can be produced using the materials you specify.

Q: Can I provide HTS or HS code?
A: We can provide HTS and HS code.

Q: Is there any patent for the appearance of this product?
A: This product is of ordinary style and there is no risk of infringement. You can customize it on this basis and apply for your own patent.

Q: What material does it use?
A: Aluminum alloy.

Q: Where is your factory address, can I visit?
A: Welcome to visit our factory. Our company is located at :No.1, Guangjin Road, Industrial Street, Zouqu Industrial Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Q: Whether the sample fee is refunded?
A: We will charge your sample fee and contact us to refund your sample fee after you confirm your bulk order.

Q: Does your factory have a certificate?
A: Our factory has passed the field inspection of Alibaba and has BSCI certificate.

Q: What exhibition did your company participate in?
A: We actively participate in various exhibitions in the world, including the Cologne exhibition, The China Import and Export Fair, Hong Kong exhibition, etc.

Q: When did your company start production?
A: When did your company start production? Our company was founded in 2000 and has about 20 years of experience.

Q: What transport methods can I choose?
A: You can choose to ship by sea, by air, or by express.

Q: Can you transport it to the Amazon warehouse?
A: We can post FBA labels for you and ship them directly to the Amazon warehouse.

Q: Can I pay with paypal?Support credit guarantee service?
A: Support for paypal, also supports credit guarantee.

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