High Speed Cold Heading Forging Machine 32Mm Steel Rebar Coupler Wholesale

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Reinforcement steel upsetting machines are mainly divided into single-cylinder upsetting machines and

double-cylinder upsetting machines, which are mainly used for upsetting ribbed steel bars in construction

projects, and are the key equipment for realizing steel connection. This equipment is used in steel bar

connection engineering to ensure the connection quality. Its main function is to squeeze the head of the

threaded steel bar for construction to increase the diameter of the bar head and increase the tensile strength.

This machine is simple to operate, fast in speed and high in processing quality. This machine tool is mainly

used for national key projects such as construction, roads and bridges, high-speed railways, subways, tunnels,

and power stations with higher requirements.


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Reinforcement rebar upsetting connection technology is to process and upset the bar end (head) to be

grained in advance to increase the diameter of the rebar in the processed section (3-5mm), and then use

a rebar thread rolling machine to thread the upsetting part .The diameter of the sleeve wire is infinitely adjustable.

When connecting, connect the straight threaded sleeve to the end thread of the steel bar with an ordinary

construction wrench to complete the butt joint of the steel bar. The upsetting and other strong straight thread

connection technology is stable, and the joint strength is greater than the steel bar Advantages of base

material strength.


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Operation process: turn on the power, the high-pressure oil pump works immediately, the oil enters the back

cavity of the working cylinder, the piston advances and pushes the movable die (switch plate, spring, spring

plate) to automatically make the steel chuck clamp the steel, and the head will follow the impact The ends of

the steel bars are upset. At this time, observe the pressure gauge oil pressure watch, all kinds of steel bars,

immediately manipulate the reversing valve to change direction, so that the pressure oil enters the front cavity,
The piston moves backward, and the movable die immediately recovers under the action of the spring, and

automatically loosens the steel bars. At this time, the reversing valve handle is loaded with the workpiece in

the middle position. Before normal operation, the machine runs empty for 3-4 times. The running time in winter

is a little longer. Generally, it runs for 2 minutes without air. The purpose is to remove the air in the oil pipe and

the oil tank to prevent the piston from crawling.

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