Factory supply medical stockings varicose veins graduated compression stockings

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Compression Socks--Stocking
Black, white, skin tone or customized color
Spandex / Nylon, 70% nylon, 30% spandex
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Q1:What is gradient compression?
A1:Gradient compression delivers a squeezing to the leg that is tightest at the ankle. The amount of squeezing or compression gradually decreases up the leg. Compression is expressed in mmHg (millimeters of mercury).

Q2:Are there reasons an individual should not wear compression?
A2:Contraindications (medical conditions in which compression is not recommended):
- Ischemia (e.g. advanced arterial disease) of the legs.
- Untreated septic phlebitis of the leg
- Phlegmasia cerulea dolens
- Uncontrolled congestive heart failure
The wearing of compression should also be used with caution in the presence of:
- Skin infections
- Incompatibility to fabric of garment
- Immobility (confinement to bed)
- Weeping dermatoses
- Impaired sensitivity of the limb

Q3:What is "economy class syndrome"?
A3:Economy class syndrome is a term used to describe the medical condition deep vein thrombosis when it follows extended airplane travel. For further information please refer to your physician.

Q4:What is the best time of day to measure for compression stockings?
A4:It is best to measure earlier in the day before swelling builds in the legs. Measurements taken later in the day after swelling is present may result in choosing a stocking size that is too large. Many clinics that are unable to see patients earlier in the day will elevate, bandage, or pump the legs for a period of time before measuring in order to reduce any swelling that is present.

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