Best Sale on regular household current equine solarium facial tanning bed for rich tan

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Best Sale on regular household current equine solarium facial tanning bed for rich tan
3 in 1: Tanning + Red light Collagen therapy + Infrared Therapy > UV and red light in perfect combination
RUBINO has the perfectly balanced spectrum of effects of UV and red light for smooth skin and a beautiful tan!

Why choosing Cosmedico Rubino technology?

The Rubino lamp itself is nothing short of revolutionary! The harmoniously balanced light spectrum maximizes the benefits of the UV and Red Light.

3 in 1:
* Red light therapy: the red light reaches the deeper layers of the skin and affects the acceleration of cell metabolism. It
stimulates collagen production, helping to improve age spots, wrinkles and cellulite. It revitalises the skin for a smoother
and brighter complexion=> Smooth Skin. Learn more about Red Light Therapy.
* UV light for Tanning: the special red light spectrum increases the UV-compatibility => Beautiful Tan. Learn more about UV Tanning.
* Infra-Red light for Wellness: the special spectrum (in infrared wavelength) increases the “feel-good factor” during the
application => Relax. Learn more about Infrared for beauty.

The perfectly balanced spectrum of effects of UV and red light for smooth skin and a beautiful tan. By Cosmedico (Germany manufacturer).


tubes, benefits and results:

* Improves direct pigmentation-complexion by up to 50% => Beautiful Tan
* Sharper and smoother tanning process => revitalises the skin for a smoother, brighter complexion
* Longer lasting beautiful tan => Safer use
* Gives a smooth and soft feeling of the skin
* Improves the UV resistance of the skin
* Gives protection of your cells against free radicals who can harm your skin (at the cell level)
* Vitamize effect
* Activation of oxygen supply to the skin and stimulation of the skin metabolism => improved oxygen supply and skin oxygenation
* Healing tissues, and tissue hydration
* Pleasant feeling during and after the treatment (smooth and refreshing skin feel). Pain relief for face muscle strains => High
feel-good factor

About facial rubino tanner :
“This lamp can really improve the direct pigmentation of your skin by up to 50%. It gives you a more effective deep and golden
tan!” “Visibly superior to a collagen tanning lamp, both in terms of tanning intensity as well as skin compatibility“
Thanks to the golden tone of your tan, your skin is attractive. Cosmedico Rubino (from Germany) has been created to keep your skin
looking perfect.

Significantly improved direct pigmentation
Smoother tanning + process + Longer lasting beautiful tan
RUBINO lamps have combined the tanning properties of UV rays and the skincare properties of red beauty lamps into a perfect
solution: The balanced division of the light spectrum of these red lamps increased the mutual compatibility of the UV rays.


Rubino Sessions: how often and how long?
Safe tanning means, among other things: allowing your skin to get used to the UV radiation. Make sure you only use this appliance
in accordance with the recommended treatment times, tanning intervals, and tanning distance.

Using the appliance
1 | Place the device on a solid, flat and stable surface.

2 | Fully unwind the mains cord and put the plug in the wall socket

3 | Position yourself in front of the appliance. Check the distance between your body and the appliance (must be at least 30cm).

4 | Put on the protective goggles provided with the appliance. A pair of protective goggles, which must be worn with every use, has therefore been included with this sun lamp.

5 | Switch on the appliance by setting the timer to the required duration (see manual). Enjoy the pleasant feeling. When the set time has elapsed, the timer automatically switches off the appliance. Always unplug the lamp after use.

Note: For the correct tanning / skin rejuvenation / well being times, see the section ‘Rubino sessions: how often and how long?’
Note: If you want to treat more parts of your body, you can set a new time. Please keep recording of the overall number of sessions you have had and compare it to the program.

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