Premium Baldo White Rice 1kg Exclusive Package Long-grain Rice Riso Magno High Level 0 Admixture Gluten Free Gourmet No Ogm 2020

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Product Overview


Products Description

Riso Magno Baldo is Ideal for:
Italian Risotto al dente, Arancini, Dessert, Rice salads.

Cooking Time: 14 minutes "al dente".

Allergens: no food allergens.
Shelf Life: 24 month with unopened package, store in a cool and dry place.

For Baldo there are other varieties belonging to the same product category (for example the Galileo.)
The criteria of classification respond to the good’s form not the substance (reasons of industrial market).
With Riso Magno 100% Baldo the quality is assured and you will easily tell the difference in the flavor and in the cooking.
Additional product information:
- not obtained by the use of chemical agents but through mechanical and physical processes;
- it contains neither preservatives nor additives;
- it is not genetically modified (REG. CE 1829/2003) and not derived from genetically modified seeds;
- It is not been subjected to radiations and it does not contain contaminated elements;
- This product is suitable for people intolerant to gluten.

Nutrition Information (per 100g of product)
1499/353,4 KJ/Kcal
1.2 g
of which saturates
0.3 g
77,1 g
of which sugars
0.4 g
1.8 g
7.3 g
0.03 g

Product Paramenters


Chemical and physical characteristics:
– Average Lenght: 6,9 mm;
– Average width: 2,9 mm
– Humidity: max 14%;
– Breaking: < 2%.

Microbiological characteristics:

Organoleptic and Commodity Characteristics:
- Aspect: Long grain and semi-tapered shape, white colour, translucent;
- Pearling: crystal-clear;
- Fragrance: characteristic of the variety, free of extraneous odors;
- Flavor: characteristic of the variety, free of extraneous odors;
- Endosperm: not glutinous type;
- Amylose: low.

Micro-organisms at 30º
< 30.000 ufc/g
Total Califorms
< 7000 ufc/g
Bacillus Cereus
< 10 ufc/g
Escherichia Coli Beta
< 10 ufc/g
Conta Staphilococchi coagul. Pos
< 10 ufc/g
Salmonella spp.
Assente in 25g
< 10 ufc/g
< 6.000 ufc/g

The grain appears long and translucent white due to a minor quantity of amid inside the grain.
Baldo rice is probably uncommon to the laymen but it is amongst the best rice in Italy and for sure it does not fear the
comparison with the more popular varieties.
The old technique of stone whitening allows to keep the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the grain.

Product packaging

– Bags in PA/PE vacuum packed + 100% cotton bag;
– Primary Packaging material is entirely in accordance with the Community and Italian legislature.

Transportation and storage:

The product must be transported and stored at room temperature far from heat and humidity.

Company Profile

Who We Are

Riso Magno is a company made of young professionals in love with healthy and genuine products. We select the most valuable quality of rice 100% made in Italy. It is cultivated in the Piedmontese lands, specifically in Vercelli, cradle of absolute excellence.

Historical anecdotes tell that was Alexander the Great who contributed, among others, to spreading the rice across Europe and he is the one we drew our inspiration from to name our company. We are committed to deliver to your place a high-quality product that
is also easy to cook and healthy.

Nevertheless, not all rice types are created equal: there are many varieties and by-products at the expense of quality and it is, therefore, important to know what you will be cooking. This is the reason why our priority towards our customers is to pick local delicacies that come from Italian culinary traditions and a shared passion for genuine and nicely made products.

Why Choose Us

When you purchase Riso Magno you purchase a certainty!
– 100% purity of quality;
– evenness in the dimensions of grains;
– excellent firmness during the cooking;
– unique palate sensation;
– superior porosity which means that all condiments are better absorbed;
– GERM always present in the grain.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy coincides with our goal: introduce and get people worldwide to appreciate our passion for a niche product that is
at the same time healthy and environmentally conscious. This is why we choose to collaborate exclusively with a network of
specialized producers who adopt sustainable farming in order to protect the land resources and their inhabitants.

Riso Magno’s commitment towards consumers translates into product quality assurance in every single stage of processing ordelivery up to the care to detail about the packaging.

Our company is proposed to pursue the traditional values and the absolute quality of our rices at all times as pride of the Made
in Italy.

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