DN15 счетчик воды с wifi мобильного телефона для мониторинга расхода воды

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Product Overview


Product Description

WIFI water meter function:
Prepaid function
Waterproof and moisture-proof
Remote monitoring
Alarm function
Timing delay
Remote switch valve

Description of indicator light and water meter dial reading
Yellow light is off
The device is not receiving power.
Flashing yellow
The equipment is abnormal or in the state of network distribution.
Yellow light is on
The device is powered on.
Green light is off
The device is not connected to the Internet and is not controlled by software.
Green light flashes slowly
The device is in the state of small program network configuration.
Fast flashing green
The device is in the APP network configuration state.
Steady green light
The device is in a networked state and controlled by software.
Red light is off
The valve opening state of the equipment.
Red light is on
The valve is closed.


1. Will the meter be billed when the network is disconnected, and can it be controlled?
When the meter is disconnected from the network, the billing is still normal, but it is not displayed in the software. When the meter is reconnected to the network, the electricity fee used during the previous disconnection will be deducted at a time, but the meter switch cannot be controlled in the disconnected state.

2. The water meter has been in self-use mode, how to modify it?
There are three modes of water meter, self-use mode, guest mode, and shared mode. In self-use mode, after the landlord
(administrator) fills in the tenant’s information in "Tenant Check-in" under the water meter management interface, the water meter will be converted to guest mode. After clicking "Tenant Check-out", the water meter will return to self-use mode , The sharing mode needs to contact customer service to make changes in the background.

3 .Why can't I control the on/off of the water meter? Click "off" in the software and it will bounce back to "on", or the water meter is not deducted by the word?
Please check whether the water meter is powered on and connected to the Internet. There are four lights under the water level inthe water meter management interface. Please confirm whether the third network light is green. If it is red, please refresh the page and try the switch again. If there is no response, please try again Distribution network for water meter.

4 What to do if I have any other specifications for the current?
If you have any different requirements,just contact us and we will meet you.

5 Could I get samples?
Yes,we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can.

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