Eutectic plate truck body, cold plate freezer box

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  1. We can manufacture various Truck Box Bodies, such as Explosion Proof Truck Box Bodies, Medical Garbage Truck Box Bodies, Ordinary Truck Box Bodies, Refrigerated Truck Box Bodies, Insulated Truck Box Bodies, Store-stake Truck Box Bodies, Head Truck Box Bodies, Tipper/Dump Truck Box Bodies, Hearses, Truck Cranes, Wing Opening Tye Truck Bodies, Mobile Catering Truck Bodies, Power Truck Van and so on. of course, we can design and produce various truck box bodies according to your requires.

  2. Of course, we can add various devices in the truck box bodies, such as fixing devices, deversionkerb institution, Gambrel Installation, Refrigerating Units, as the kitchen box, we can offer you the full kitchen equipments for you.

  3. as the materials, we have colour coated sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminium-magnesium ally sheet, (FRP)Fiber-glass Reinforced Plastic Sheet, which produce as your requires.

  4. We also can offer you currogated aluminium sheet and currogated steel sheet.

  5. The structure of the truck box is made of press part and metal welded, which assure our vehicles firm and durable, and have large loading capacity;

  6. The surface of body has been treated through pickling and phosphorization, with features of good corrosion-resistance and stainless for long periods; The sealing of box is proved excellent through strict rain test;

  7. The long wheel-base boxes have side doors, and back double door, which is easy for loading and unloading; the vehicles with double cabinets and front part extruded body can store irregular-shaped products and service tools.

  8. The conception of design is trying to make the truck body more light, reasonable, beautiful and convenient.

  9. Our vehicles are rain-protective, dust-proofing, and steal-protective. They are the most ideal vehicles of transportation in many fields.

       10. our products can be shipped in CBU(Complete Build Up) and CKD(Completely Knock Down) Type





White CKD Refrigerated Truck Body:( Insulated Truck Body)



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Refrigerated Truck Bodies


1.Thermal efficiency and durability combined with innovative manufacturing techniques and rapid delivery offers unprecedented value.


2.The RTB Dura-floor has been designed and manufactured for both strength and thermal efficiency. Steel cross bracing ensures the floors will withstand forklift loading.


3.Our automated fibreglass panel high-bond lamination line ensures a flat smooth and strong panel that withstands impact forces and resists delamination.


4.Steel sub-frame significantly increases body strength and load capacity.


5.Thermal breaks on all door frames reduce heat entry and reduces refrigeartion load and energy consumption.


6.Stainless steel Euro-frame rear doorframe design offers integrated hinge and frame protection as well as a streamline appearance.


7.B- and E-type multi lip door seals have up to 5 sealing surfaces creating a reliable and efficient door seal.


8.Polyurethane foam insulation in all panels and floor for twice the thermal efficiency of other insulation materials.


9.The laminated floor panel is both strong and has low heat loss due to its integrated steel sections with cross braced thermal breaks combined with woven plywood and waterproof fibreglass membranes.


10.An release device is located inside the body to allow the trapped person to open the door inside.

Truck Body:
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We manufacture truck bodies as your request, material can be: FRP, Aluminium, Color coated steel, ect. The bodies of trucks are the most popular sandwich type, which can be more strong and beautiful.

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