Pressure Regulating Phase Separator of Vacuum Jacketed pipe System for Liquid Nitrogen

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Product Overview



The Vacuum Insulated Phase Separator, namely Vapor Vent, is one of the most common equipment of Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Piping System. The phase separator is mainly to separate the gas from the cryogenic liquid, which can ensure,

1. Liquid supply volume and speed.
2. Incoming temperature of terminal equipment.
3. Pressure adjustment (reducing) and stability.

The Phase Separator is a mechanical structure and system that does not require pneumatic and electrical source, and mainly used for liquid nitrogen service. It is recommended to be placed at the highest point of the piping system to ensure maximum effect.


There are three type of separators to satisfy various demands,
1. HLSP1000 series, a common phase separator.
2. HLSR1000 series, a pressure step-down regulating phase separator and suitable for some special control requirements.
3. HLSC1000 series, a special phase separator uses for Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) System.

This product link is for HLSR1000 Series, Links to the other two products can be found in the related products section of the page.

Pressure Regulating Phase Separator
Pressure Regulation
Design Pressure
≤40bar (4.0MPa)
Design Temperature
-196℃~ 60℃
Insulation Type
Vacuum Insulation
Effective Volume
300 Series Stainless Steel
Liquid Nitrogen
1. The phase separator is recommended to place in the main line of the VJ Piping System, which has better exhaust capacity than branch lines.
2. It has a large capacity and can act as a buffer tank, and better meet for the equipment which needs instantaneous large amount of liquid.
3. Compared with small volume, HL’s phase separator has better insulated effect and more rapid and sufficient exhaust effect.
4. Automatically, without power supply and manual control.
5. It can be customized according to the special requirements of users.

Product packaging

About The Production

About the Scope of Supply
* Vacuum Insulated/Jacketed Pipe
* Vacuum Insulated/Jacketed Flexible Hose
* Phase Separator/Vapor Vent
* Vacuum Insulated (Pneumatic) Shut-off Valve
* Vacuum Insulated Check Valve
* Vacuum Insulated Regulating Valve
* Vacuum Insulated Connector for Cold Box & Container
* MBE Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System
* Other cryogenic support equipment related to VI piping, including but not limited to, such as safety relief valve
(group),liquid level gauge, thermometer, pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, electric control box and so on.

About the Application of VI Piping
*Air Separation Plant
*Electronic Engineering Industry
*Semiconductor and Chip
*Automobile Engine and Electromotor
*Bio-pharmaceutical Industry
*Food & Beverage Industry
*Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

About Our Partnership
HL Cryogenic Equipment passed International Gases Companies’ (inc. Air Liquide, Linde, AP, Messer, BOC) on-site audit and became their qualified supplier. The International Gases Companies respectively authorized HL to produce with its standards for its projects. HL provided solutions and products to them in air separation plant and gas application projects.
About the Raw Materials
HL Cryogenic Equipment is a vacuum manufacturer. All raw materials are purchased from qualified suppliers. So, The raw materials can be specified standards and requirements by user. Usually, ASTM /ASME 300 Series Stainless Steel (Acid Pickling, Mechanical Polishing, Bright Annealing and Electro Polishing) is selected.


Q:About the Minimum Order.
A:There is no limited for minimum order.

Q: About the Manufacture Standard.
A:HL's Vacuum Insulated Pipe (VIP) is built to ASME B31.3 Pressure Piping code as the standard.

Q:About the Specification.
A:The size and design pressure of the inner pipe shall be according to the customer's requirements.The size of the outer pipe shall be according to the HL standard (or according to the customer's requirements).

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