Plastic Hdpe pipe lumps block shredder crusher machine

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The shredding adopts the PCC automatic control equipment start, stop, reverse and overload automatic inversion of control function, with a low speed, high torque and low noise characteristics.


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1. High cost performance

2. Material optional

3. Flexible scheme - equipment modification scheme can be added

4. Small loss - small water consumption, water change in a period of time

5. The whole process is our own production

6. There are many cases that can be seen around

7. There are a lot of participants in the exhibition

8. High capacity, large scale and long qualification


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Founded in 2006, Hubei Ruili Environmental Machinery Co.,Ltd is focus on plastic recycling machine: crushing, washing, drying machine. Our machines are CE, ISO, SONAP Certificated. We provide complete solution of waste plastic recycling machine. Raw material include: PET bottles, PP PE film, ABS home appliance waste, PS, PA net , and so on.Our machines are own high reputation among customers, we provide life long technical support and spare parts service for customers.



Product certificate




1.Are you a factory or a trader?

Were a factory. Welcome to visit our company!

2.What are the technical services you can provide?

Before sales, provide equipment consulting services, and plan the most appropriate scheme for you according to your requirements;

During sales, follow up the equipment progress in real time to ensure the quality of the equipment leaving the factory, and provide the safest and fastest international transportation;

After sales, solve any questions you may have and the problems of the equipment in a timely manner.

3.What's your general stock up time and mode of transportation?

The single production time is about 30-45 days, and the transportation is mainly by ocean.

4.What is your minimum order quantity, what payment methods are supported?

MOQ: 1 set and Payment: T/T, L/C, cash, or else.,

5.Can OEM or ODM be provided?

Yes, we provide OEM &ODM.


In order to have a better understanding of your needs,we need you to provide below information about your product:

1)Which kind of material you are going to deal with? .

2)What are the physical characteristics of the material? Such as size,shape,thickness,solid or hollow and etc.

3)What's the producing capacity in your requests?

Please advise so we can figure out if our machines are applicable and which models will meeting with your requirement.



Hubei Ruili Environmental Machinery CO.,LTD

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